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The End For Traditional Pop Up Stands?

I can remember producing our first set of pop up graphics around 15 Years ago… It was a trade job for another company that sold portable display systems but outsourced their graphics production. I remember clearly the customer (I dealt with a nice chap called Dave) bringing in a strange looking, collapsible contraption and me thinking […]

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iPad phenomenon set to transform display product market

When Apple released its latest figures this year iPad sales set a new high-water mark, with 229 million tablets sold in the last quarter, compared to 15.4 million last year. That translates to more than 1.7 million iPads sold per week, a 60 percent increase from the year-ago quarter and more than 120 million sold […]

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Staff Training For Successful Exhibitions and Events

The sales targets have been set, the banner stand design has been finalised and the exhibition or trade fair is just around the corner. One of the most important things to do before attending any sort of promotional event like this is to ensure that all of the sales and marketing staff who will be attending the […]

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