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How to know when to rebrand your business

Almost all companies will someday come to the milestone known as the ‘rebrand’, for some it will be early in the business but for many it will come after the company has outgrown their current branding. A company’s brand is its primary public image and changing it is a tough decision that takes a tremendous […]

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Securing ‘same day’ sales at your next trade show

For many businesses, attending a trade show can be a great way to put your company in front of a whole host of new, relevant audiences. Alternatively it can also lend itself as the perfect opportunity to meet up with business colleges of the past, to discuss partnerships for the future. Either way, there is […]

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PrintDesigns helps trader’s stalls stand out from the rest this summer market season

Now that summer is well underway, market squares across the nation are livening up with the smell of sizzling gourmet food and an abundance of colour, as traders flock from city to city for the busy summer market season. Retailers looking to take their stall up a notch can browse the range of outdoor display […]

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