April 26, 2017

Printdesigns Reveals Top Tips To Boost B2B Trade Show Strategy

Trade Show Even as the world of marketing is transformed by digital innovations, there remain certain physical methods that will forever stand the test of time. Marketing experts across the world continue to praise the benefits of attending trade shows and today Printdesigns, a display stand provider with over a decade of experience, is sharing its tips on how to boost every corporate trade show strategy.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns revealed, “For B2B organisations, there is no better marketing ‘playground’ than the trade show. These events offer a unique opportunity to make strategic, long-lasting connections, to refine and re-iterate a brand’s image and ethos and to showcase the latest products to a highly relevant audience. The importance of these physical events should never be forgotten, even in our digitally-focussed age.”

Launching in 1999, Printdesigns has guided its customers towards trade show success using its range of leading custom printed solutions. Understanding the importance of providing quality products while taking the time to understand the individual needs of each client, its team uses its extensive expertise to ensure every trade show attendance can meet its customer’s professional goals.

Mark Thompson continued, “Your stand at each exhibition or conference acts as a central point to your overall strategy and in order to leverage its effectiveness you can use a number of additional tactics. Applying to speak at the event is a fantastic way to showcase the knowledge that your team and your organisation has on your product area. What’s more, it exposes your company to a wider audience and in turn, generates interest for your stand.

“In order to identify the subject of your talk, and ultimately which trade shows you should be attending and talking at, it is always a good idea to clearly define your goals at the very start of your trade show planning process. Certain trade shows will be able to help you achieve certain things, and the topic of your seminar should reflect this.”

With its extensive experience in the sector, Printdesigns understands the changing market and uses this knowledge to provide premium, relevant trade show solutions to its customers.

Mark Thompson added, “With this prior planning in place and with a clear target set, the final piece of the puzzle is to ensure your booth reflects this. Acting as a core to help you meet these goals, the branding of your stand must portray a consistent message. In order to boost B2B trade show strategy, refreshing and refining your display stand materials is essential.”



April 24, 2017

Printdesigns Springs into Summer With Bundle Deals on Outdoor Marketing Products

whirl_wind_and_flag The change of season puts a spring into everyone’s step, including those working in marketing.  To prepare the busy up-coming schedule of outdoors and open air events, Printdesigns has released its latest collection of bundle deals, curated to suit the needs of its clients as they move their promotional efforts outside.

This recent range of bundle offers is the first offered by the premium printing expert, after it relaunched its website in February. Adapting its digital offering to make the purchasing process simpler for its customers, these seasonal-ready promotions are the first of many to come throughout the year from the client-focussed wide-format printing provider.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns explained revealed, “As well as refining our digital interface with our website relaunch, we also took the opportunity to perfect our product range – with some of our newest additions included in our first collection of spring/summer bundle deals. We can’t wait to help our clients reach their professional goals, and what better way to introduce our most recent ranges to our customers than by pairing them up and offering great prices?”

The teardrop and feather flags are a best-seller for the printing company, and this summer season it is offering these lightweight, portable solutions alongside a variety of banner stands to quickly make a large impact in any small space it is placed. With the ‘pick up and go’ Horizontal Spring Up, the A-board style Whirlwind stand and robust Monsoon banner available, Printdesigns’ selection of flag deals is versatile enough to suit all outdoor occasions such as markets, festivals and more.

While these flag bundles are perfect for when time and space is limited, more traditional banner and pop up stand styles are also available, paired with table top or counter products to create a formal booth or stand in an instant. The Folding Table with full-colour stretch fabric is included in this seasonal promotion, one of the newer additions to Printdesigns’ portfolio, as well as products from the sought-after TEXStyle fabric range.

With over a decade of experience, Printdesigns understands the changing needs of its clients, using this knowledge to provide the best, most effective products on the market.

April 18, 2017

Premium Printing Provider Reveals Latest Range Of Outdoor Display Stands For Summer Events

With the UK enjoying soaring temperatures in recent days, there’s no denying that summer is on its way. As the weather is heating up, leisure and corporate events are heading outside and Printdesigns is preparing for a busy summer season with an updated range of high-quality outdoor display stand solutions.

This recent announcement of its seasonal range comes as the foremost printing provider unveiled its new website last February. As well as improving its layout, user interface and related product suggestions – leading to a tailored customer experience – it added to its renowned range of custom printed products with a carefully created selection of new items, such as those featured in its outdoors offering.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns explained commented, “Fun in the sun isn’t only reserved for the general public this summer, with retailers and marketing departments also utilising the hot weather and taking their promotional efforts outside. Whether setting up a stall at a festival or planning a sponsored family fun day, it is important to make the entire site or your individual stall fully branded, displaying the right information in order to be a success.

“Our diverse range of solutions help with just that, with a size, shape and style of banner stand to suit almost any occasion. Of course, every one is produced using reliable, hardwearing materials to withstand all weather conditions.”

Lightweight and portable yet incredibly eye-catching, the Teardrop and Feather flags are tipped to be a best seller this season, always popular with clients in previous years. Whichever shape is chosen, its graphic is recognisable from large distances away, perfect for use as a way-finding or advertisement tool.

For something a little larger, the Monsoon banner stand acts as a free-standing advertisement unit, yet is flat-packed for quick and easy transportation. Whether used as a single or double sided display, it’s impossible not to notice any message printed onto the 1000 or 1250mm tall outdoors aluminium framed display stand.  Alternatively, the Horizontal Spring Up Banner acts as a smaller substitute for those wanting a widespread graphic but in a different style. While its smallest size option is just 700mm tall, this fabric pop up stand is also available in a larger 1000mm size, offering the same impact using light-weight printed textiles instead of one secured by bungee ropes.

Other leading solutions in its summer ready range of outdoors promotional products include counters, banner stands, signs, gazeboes or more. Operating since 1999, Printdesigns’ experience is apparent in its leading range of custom printed goods, formed through working closely with its customers for over a decade.

April 13, 2017

Your Guide to Making Your Outdoors Event a Success This Spring

The clocks have gone forward and the weather is brighter – now is the time to embrace outdoor events! Now spring has begun, heading outside is the perfect way to leverage this seasonal marketing opportunity. From family fun days to crafty markets, if you’re planning an outdoors event this spring, here’s a simple guide to follow to ensure it is successful!

Choose your venue carefully

Just as every open-air event will have different requirements, various potential venues will have differing facilities to offer. Consider features such as the number of restrooms, catering options, included seating and parking spaces available when choosing place to plan your event.

Consider power

In 2017, almost everything needed to run a great event will require electricity to run on. Failing to plan your power supply can result in a corporate catastrophe. Always speak to the venue owner about its outdoors electricity supply so that you can organise additional facilities if necessary.

Be aware of the regulations

If you’ve attending any kind of large scale external event recently, you will be aware of the impact that local regulations can have on the entire day, or night. Depending on the area, there will be noise ordinances to adhere to, as well as health and safety codes to follow. If you don’t, your party, conference or market may be closing sooner than anticipated.

Investing in directional signage

Outdoor venues are usually large, vast spaces. In order to create smaller sections and ensure your visitors make their way round your venue successfully, directional signage is essential. Outdoors display stands are perfect for this. Solutions such as A boards have interchangeable graphics, enabling you to quickly change it throughout the day, while premium quality café banners can cordon off areas in an instant. Banners with added illumination ensure information can still be seen when night falls.

Prepare for the British weather!

Although we are in spring, heading closer towards summer, this doesn’t mean that great weather is guaranteed. Ensure there is a ‘plan b’ indoors option, or create covered areas using custom printed gazebos to keep your facilities, and your guests dry!

The prospect of planning an outdoors event can be daunting, with so much to consider but when it’s done right, it’s a great way to add a seasonal boost to any marketing strategy. Browse our range of outdoors displays to add branding to your event this spring.

April 12, 2017

Outdoor Banner Stands – Which One is Right For Me?

Now that spring is here, it’s time to take your marketing efforts outdoors. In order to aid this, it’s also a great time to invest in some external display stands to aid wayfinding, highlight promotions and to create an overall branded environment. Depending on the nature of your business, the types of banner stand solutions that are suitable to your needs will vary. Here, we run through the ones we have available to help you decide:

Café Banner

If you work in hospitality then a set of custom printed café banners are sure to be put to good use. This modular banner system is printed with a waterproof graphic, making it perfect for withstanding the British spring/summer weather however, a true solution for all year round, they also can be used indoors.

These café banner stands work best when used to define outdoor seating areas if your bar, resteraunt or hotel features an external area or terrace that sits in a large traffic environment.

360 Illuminated Lantern Banner

Fun enough for consumer events yet slick enough for corporate occasions; these beautiful banners can be used in a variety of applications. Often, due to their eye-catching nature, lantern banners are used to mark an entrance of an area, guiding visitors in. With optional illumination, they are perfect for adding interest to night time events, as well as keeping areas semi-lit, for added visibility and safety.  

 Outdoor A Board

Again, this outdoors banner stand is perfect for corporate occasions as well as for hospitality uses. With an interchangeable graphic, they are perfect for displaying menus on the street to tempt customers in! However, where these display stands excel is when used at market type retail events. Stall holders can quickly promote special offers, use them as directional signage and add branding to their stall, adding to sales success.

Blizzard Banner Stand

When produced in hardwearing, weatherproof materials, even banner stands can be used outdoors. This classic banner stand design is perfect for creating a ‘point of sale’, placed throughout your corporate event to highlight products, promotions or services.

This is just a small selection of our extensive range of outdoor display stands, also including body banners, promotional counters, printed gazebos and more. If you are planning an outdoors event this spring and need help choosing the right promotional solution, get in touch with a member of our team – we’re happy to help!