December 9, 2016

Your trade show ‘New Year’s resolution’ checklist

11 December is here which means 2017 is only around the corner! Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get fitter, stop smoking or to take up a new hobby, at Printdesigns we believe that this new beginning also offers businesses a chance like no other to kick bad habits and prepare for a successful New Year. Here we run through a few simple ways to update your trade show strategy to enter the next season of exhibitions with a bang!

Re-assess your exhibition stands

While some businesses prefer roller banners, others use large-scale shell scheme exhibition stands. Whichever is your favourite kind of display stand, take the time to re-asses the contents of your trade-show toolkit this New Year. Throw away out-dated banner stands to reduce stress-inducing clutter and consider investing in fresh, modern roller banners if yours are tired and worn looking. Finally, browse our website to learn more about the latest developments in the industry – our range of exhibition stand solutions is constantly growing and adapting to changes in the market. If you’ve been using the same kind of pop up stand for years, now may be the time to look at newer alternatives!

Make sure your literature matches your offering

Every business transforms dramatically over the course of the year, and your trade show presence should reflect the latest ethos and developments in your company. Refresh and update your literature to include correct information, keeping customers in the loop and aware of the direction in which you are moving.

Shake up your follow up

Lead generation and nurturing is changing, with traditional salesman techniques diminishing in favour of personal methods. Create detailed forms, or train your sales-people so that they can fully understand the needs and wants of everyone they meet at your trade show booth. Armed with this information you can then use your follow up to show that you have considered their problem, and offer them real, personalised solutions of how your company can help. Approaching with this kind of tactic can keep the conversation open for much longer, leading to a better post-exhibition success rate.

At Printdesigns we’re also changing this New Year. We will be launching an updated website offering new products, designed with the customer experience in mind. Until then, happy Christmas from the team at Printdesigns!

December 8, 2016

Printdesigns proudly produces all printing in-house

thumbnail-5 Businesses are changing in today’s ever-connected world. A company no longer needs to invest in the latest talent, skills or machinery in order to offer a product or service, as work can be outsourced to external companies without the knowledge of the customer.  However, operating this way can result in less control over turnover time or the quality of the work, making it the less desirable choice for many consumers. Printdesigns, a leading digital printing specialist, is proud to produce its diverse range of display stand solutions in-house, using the industry’s latest equipment and training its staff in modern techniques to ensure a fast and high standard of delivery.

Printdesigns has been offering its superior service since 1999, separating it from its competitors due to expertise as well as the processes used. Everything from budget banner stands to TEXStyle fabric display stand solutions are printed and manufactured at the Printdesigns headquarters, keeping prices down for its customers while also giving them confidence in the end product that they will receive. Although the stalwarts of the printing scene look forward to starting the New Year with a fresh website launch, alongside a series of updated products and solutions, its dedication towards its client base remains at the heart of the company, never changing its tried and tested method of in-house production.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns said, “We’re printing experts at Printdesigns and because of this we know what matters to our customers – quality, speed and cost. Many other similar companies are simply ‘middle men’, advertising a variety of services but getting them produced overseas. We invest in the latest machinery, fine-tune our skills and keep our warehouse stoked with a huge selection of display equipment, ready for instant despatch. In an industry filled with ‘showroom’ companies, we offer a real specialist approach which we know comes through in the service we provide.”

The product selection on offer from Printdesigns is a diverse reflection of the industries it serves, nurtured through long-standing relationships with its clients.  Trade show solutions such as roller banner stands, shell scheme display stands and portable exhibition stand furniture meet the needs of marketing departments across the country. Retail and hospitality businesses also regularly upgrade their interior and exterior display stands with the leading printing company’s large and small format printing services, alongside its outdoor banner stand and P.O.S display stand solutions.


December 7, 2016

4 reasons why we produce our display stands in-house

1 When browsing the internet to find your next supplier of display stand solutions, you may be spoilt for choice with the huge range of digital printing companies out there. However, while there are many companies similar to us that claim to provide the best service, we believe that our offering stands out from the crowd for one simple reason – we produce every single solution we offer via our website in-house. This means that every step of the process from ordering the product to printing, finishing and sending the piece to you is done by a member of Printdesigns staff in our dedicated warehouse facility. In a world where it is all too easy to set up a business, without any real expertise in the industry they are operating, we are proud of this fact. Here’s why:

Turnaround time is dramatically reduced

We know that sometimes a banner stand, roller banner or batch of flyers is needed at the very last minute, so it is important to keep turnaround time fast to keep our customers satisfied. By keeping all production in-house, this in turn guarantees a fast production. Without the need to wait around for external factories to receive, make and send an order to us, we can get started on the job right away.

We keep costs low

Price is also important for our clients, especially when marketing budgets are tight. By completing everything ourselves, it means that there are no middlemen to pay so prices can be kept as low as possible.

Quality is kept high

We offer nothing but the highest quality to our customers. If a banner stand or exhibition stand is produced in a different factory, it is not possible to ensure that the product is of the quality that we expect. We train our staff with the latest techniques and invest in the latest machinery and equipment to keep a close eye on the standard of every individual item that is produced.

We have ultimate control

Finally, printing all of our products in-house means that we have ultimate control over each and every order, offering a professional, personal service. Outsourcing production means that deliveries can be delayed, prices may need to rise at short notice and display stands could be produced to a varying standard. At Printdesigns, this simply isn’t good enough, which is why we are proud to be in-house printing specialists.

Learn more about our process online, or browse our range of exhibition stand and retail solutions to receive the best printed products on the market.

December 5, 2016

Showcase festive offers with Christmas cardboard displays

pexels-photo-186613The festive season is a busy time for retailers, and while footfall during this year’s Black Friday discount weekend was disappointing for many brick and mortar stores, the unavoidable countdown to Christmas day means that high streets are set to become filled with an increasing amount of shoppers by the day. Digital printing company Printdesigns has the solution to help stores get into the festive spirit, offering a range of Christmas themed cardboard display stands in a range of fun, charming styles synonymous with the holiday period.

PrintDesigns is known throughout the retail industry, providing its solutions to stores of all sizes for over two decades. The printing experts offer a standard turnaround time of between three to five working days, however an express 24 hour service means that shops can obtain the festive finishing touch to their Christmas displays in no time at all. While much of the high-street is already ablaze with the twinkling lights of Christmas décor, it’s not too late to get in the festive spirit with a themed cardboard display from Printdesigns.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns commented, “Whether you are part of a large retailer or own a smaller store, it is essential to update your interiors with seasonal displays. While these are lots of fun they are also temporary, so using large, bulky solutions can cause problems further down the line. Our festive, cardboard display stands are supplied flat-packed for easy postage, assembly and storage, for an instant update to a store’s interior that can be removed in an instant once Christmas is over!”

With seven designs to choose from, the decorative aspect of the selection of Christmas themed solutions from Printdesigns can’t be ignored however, many of the products on offer can also be used as P.O.S pieces, with shelving units included to showcase seasonal product promotions. Printdesigns specialises in producing premium, custom-printed materials and this festive range is no exception, available to order with a brand’s bespoke graphics printed on each piece.

November 25, 2016

It’s Black Friday – will you be taking part?

6 Today marks ‘Black Friday’ – the beginning of a weekend of slashed prices on consumer goods, filling the streets with bargain hunters and Christmas shoppers alike, taking advantage of this discount season to get the best deals around. However, just as this sale event seemed to appear in the UK simply overnight, a mixture of post-Brexit price rises and resistance of this ‘unwelcome discounting’ by many retail companies could see it fall as fast as it has risen. If you’re a retail company, will you be taking part in Black Friday this year?


How did it start?

Black Friday originated in America, taking place the day after the Thanksgiving celebrations. While the nation enjoys time off for the holiday, they take the opportunity to browse their local high streets (much like the UK tradition on Boxing Day), making it a lucrative time for stores. Although there are many different versions of how it got its name, the most retail appropriate story was coined in the 1960’s, referring to the time when shops moved their profits from in the ‘red’ and into the ‘black’, spurred on by the concentrated shopping season.  Due to the fact that more people were taking to the shopping streets and malls, retailers soon caught on to this fact and slashed their prices to attract the crowds to purchase their goods. Although Black Friday started in America, Amazon treated their English customers to similar style discounts in 2010, only to be followed by Asda in 2013, which is owed by American brand, Walmart. Asda’s offers reflected the great deals that were seen overseas, with huge savings on many desirable electrical goods and soon, the rest of the UK retailers followed suit in the coming years.

The rise and fall of Black Friday

After the never-seen-before discount day at Asda in 2013 made national headlines, customers were clued up and ready for 2014’s Black Friday, with ques forming outside shops and people racing and pushing between the crowds to get the best deals. However, in 2015 the mayhem of the previous year caused many people to stay safe inside their homes, choosing to take advantage of the online savings instead.

But what will this year bring?

The jury’s out on whether or not this year will be a repeat of the manic events in 2014, or if the shopping weekend will be unnoticeable on the high streets. Following on from the Brexit result, many predict that prices on goods are set to rise in 2017 as the value of the sterling continues to drop. While this means that December 2016 could be the last time to grab a bargain, it could also spark the end of any more similar discounted events in the future and the end of Black Friday in the UK altogether. If you’re a retailer, what do you think? Will you be taking part in Black Friday this year? How do you think your customers will act?

At Printdesigns, our wide selection of retail-focussed banner stands and other display stand solutions that can help to showcase your best deals and guide shoppers around your store. Whatever the future holds for Black Friday, get in touch with Printdesigns to learn how we can help to promote your products, keeping you in the ‘black’ all year round!