March 23, 2017

How to stay calm as an event manager

Forbes recently named ‘Event Coordinator’ as the fifth most stressful job in 2017, with nerve-racking careers such as Airline Pilot, Fire-fighter and Military personnel beating it to the top! Here at Printdesigns we’re fully aware of how hectic planning events can be, often taking calls from many flustered customers every day – this is why we updated our website to make the process of ordering exhibition stand solutions much simpler!

However, while we are doing our part to help make the lives of event managers that bit easier, it is important to learn techniques to keep your cool in the run up to the big day, ensuring every business goal and objective is met. Here’s how to stay calm as an event manager:

  • Be properly prepared

Try to think of everything that your team needs to know before the event, and ensure you communicate it clearly. Also imagine what may go wrong and have multiple ‘what if’ plans, ready to spring into action.

  • Make lists

One way to make sure you have prepared for every circumstance is to make a list and keep adding to it. Do this at the very start of the event planning process and hold on to your list so you can be reminded of everything you have achieved and taken care of during the planning stages.

  • Take care of yourself

With 50 things to do all at once and only a week to do it in, it can be tempting to neglect your normal sleeping and eating pattern. However, doing so can lead to mood swings and more stress. Remember to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to keep your mind and body functioning well, giving you the energy you need to work through your to do list!

  • Always pack your charger(s)

In today’s digital age, running out of battery makes you almost useless in the event environment. With numerous people to contact and things to organise, keep a spare charger for your phone, tablet or laptop always to hand.

Here at Printdesigns, we’ve been working closely with event managers and organisers since 1999, delivering premium quality display stand solutions and additional products that they can trust. While we cannot control the rest of the event planning process, choosing us to supply your exhibition stand materials is one way to stay stress-free.

Browse our full range of solutions online or get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help.

March 22, 2017

Trade Show Solution Expert Shares Tips on How to Utilise iPads At Exhibitions

Connected devices such as iPads have been welcomed into many UK households and offices alike, bridging the gap between consumer and professional electronics. Here, trade show solution expert, Printdesigns, shares some tips on how marketing professionals can utilise and integrate these portable tablets into their next exhibition stand strategy and design.

While the power of a clear, concise classic banner stand solution cannot be argued, incorporating an iPad into an exhibition stand adds an element of interactivity that can increase engagement, spark interest and ultimately, capture leads.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns explained, “Most people are familiar with iPads and the way they work, making them a welcome addition to any display stand. Rather than being intimidated by the technology, it invites visitors to interact with the screen and take part in the activity that is presented to them. This can be useful for a number of reasons.”

Gamification and adding elements of fun to a stand is a popular way to draw visitors to any booth, making a business stand out from the crowd and helping to form an emotional connection with a company. Something as simple as creating a branded photo booth or an original app to display on the iPad instantly boosts audience interaction, generating further interest.

Mark continued, “Once the audience is engaged, businesses can capture leads by adding an iPad kiosk to their booth and downloading a survey app to customise and gather useful contact details. What’s more, these technical tools can simply be used to display brochures for the audience to swipe through.”

However a business decides to utilise an iPad on their booth, professional, reliable display stand solutions are needed to ensure the tablet is showcased securely, while keeping in line with the appearance of the entire display stand. Alongside its leading range of classic exhibition stands, Printdesigns hosts a selection of iPad stands and accessories to make integration simple.

Compatible with the display stands it sells online, the Design iPad Holder enables businesses to add the portable technology onto its existing trade show solutions. However, for added versatility, the iPad 360 acts as a secure housing unit that can rotate to any angle and can be attached to walls, desktops or linear posts. Businesses looking for a long lasting branded display will also benefit from the Swift Promotion 360 Counter, a high impact customisable cylindrical counter, with an iPad integrated into the tabletop.


March 20, 2017

How to create a personalised trade show experience for visitors

The world of marketing, thanks to the widespread use of the internet, digital technologies and rich data sets, is getting more and more personalised. However, the exhibition, trade show and conference industry is largely left untouched and unable to utilise this marketing opportunity – or is it? This point was argued by Tom Hall is his recent article for Exhibition World, highlighting the need for the face-to-face exhibition sector to reflect the change in consumer behaviour and namely, the expectation of a personalised experience.

This is a tactic that can be employed in the run up to an event, as well as via methods that can be used on your exhibition stand during the trade show or conference.

Actively search for relevant leads

Many trade shows will publish a list of visitors as well as exhibitors online, or will provide a list of delegates on request. Analyse each company and try to predict their challenges or their reasons for attending the show. With this, send them relevant material such as whitepapers, articles or links to products showcasing how you can solve each problem and follow up with an invitation to your booth.

Nurture ‘cold’ leads with an invitation to your trade show booth

As well as searching for new leads, using personalisation is a great way to nurture cold, stagnant leads. Using the same methodology as when searching for new ones, identify how your business could solve their problems. Create a customised email highlighting this, inviting them to your next exhibition attendance to learn more.

Design your exhibition stand around the needs of your customers

This is a great way to use personalisation in a way that merges digital and physical marketing. Your display stand design and strategy can be informed by those you expect to see there. With a confirmed list of visitors, create custom packs of material to help solve the problems of each one. Include specific recommendations and collateral that is targeted towards them and their needs. Also identify other, common solutions your business or service can solve and create ‘custom’ packs to target yourself towards the needs of each customer that visits your booth.

While the overall design of your display stand must remain targeted to the event only, it is possible to create a personalised approach and a customised ‘shopping’ experience for consumers through additional marketing tactics.

How are you incorporating personalisation into your tradeshow strategy? Let us know in our comments below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team to learn more about how we can help you make the most of each trade show attendance!

March 17, 2017

Improving internal communications using banner stands

Banner stands and exhibition stand kits are commonly used to aid external communications – displayed in front of the public and key stakeholders in your business. As such, activates such as trade shows, conferences and pop-up events are often prioritized when assigning budgets, helping you to purchase the banner stands you need to spread your message. However, these versatile marketing tools can also be used to improve internal communication within your workforce.

Building relationships with new businesses is important to an organisation’s success but so is the relationship between employees and the organisation they work for. Investing in the right tools to build an effective internal communications strategy can drive your company forward by increasing efficiency at work, motivating staff and creating a better working environment. Something as simple as banner stands can help to make this happen, implementing better internal communications.

Sharing new products and announcements

Newsletters and bulletins are often used to aid internal communications, keeping staff updated with company news while reinforcing your brand’s message, guidelines and goals. To achieve the same effect, banner stands could be used to spread the large company announcements such as product launches or a new strategic direction, in a similar way to how you would display this information at a trade show.

Encouraging conversation and feedback

As well as ensuring your staff get a first-look at your biggest news, doing so in such a public way is a great way to get authentic feedback. Naturally, a large exhibition stand showcasing your latest product line will encourage conversation, enabling staff to share ideas. These thoughts and feedback can be integral to internal communications, while also helping staff to build a transparent atmosphere and corporate culture.

Welcoming and wayfinding

The practical aspects of banner stands should not be ignored, and they can be used as wayfinding and welcoming tools. Investing in a large, branded banner stand can greet staff as they begin their working day, reminding them of your core values and larger business goals. Similar solutions are can also aid wayfinding efforts, used to direct staff and visitors around your offices, re-iterating your branding every step of  the way.

Improving your internal communications strategy can help to lead a business to success as much as an external one. Banner stands and other exhibition stands can aid these efforts – browse our full range online.


March 15, 2017

Premium Printing Provider Helps Businesses Make Huge Savings in New Financial Year with Website and Pricing Update

Clued up accounts departments are directing their marketing teams towards Printdesigns in order to benefit from savings in the new financial year. As the premium provider of portable display stands for trade shows unveiled its new website last month, it also revealed further savings on its high-quality solutions, as well as helpful features to help its clients get more for their money.

Launching in 1999, Printdesigns has worked with esteemed brands such as Mattel, Virgin Trains Siemens and Pioneer over the years, understanding the importance of putting the needs of its clients first. With this ethos in mind, it has carefully reviewed the prices of many of its flagship products also adding new, sought-after products to its collection of exhibition stand solutions, making it the ‘go-to’ printing provider this new financial year.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns said, “We value our customers and take pride in helping them succeed. Due to the current climate, we understand that controlling costs is critical for many businesses across a wide range of sectors. By keeping our production totally in house, it means we are able to offer the prices that suit the clients without every compromising on quality or service.

“As businesses re-address their budgets, now is the time to assess the market to see if they could be getting a better deal on their printing elsewhere. With our new website and prices, as well as a ‘best price promise’, we invite potential customers to take a look at our range to discover how we can save them money, yet bring better results.”

The banner stand is an essential trade show tool for many marketing teams, and available at just £39.50, Printdesigns is proud to offer the best value roller banner stand in the UK. However, businesses looking to invest in the latest exhibition stand innovations will benefit from the leading TEXStyle fabric banner stand range, starting at just £215.

Alongside its extensive selection of portable display stands, premium printed accessories offered by Printdesigns make excellent additions to every trade show toolkit. With giant cheques available at just £20 and large format posters printed for just £5, an effective, immersive branding campaign can be achieved for less with the foremost printing provider.