December 3, 2019

Embrace or Embrace+ SEG Display Stands – What’s the difference?

The Embrace SEG display stand is a popular, portable display backdrop. It utilises a collapsible ‘pop up’ style frame but combines it with a tensioned fabric display graphic rather than heavy, rollable panels that are common to traditional pop up stands.

The result is a portable display system that can be assembled in under 10 minutes but looks every bit as good as a conventional tensioned SEG fabric display that can take more than an hour to construct.

Original ‘Embrace’ Display Frame shown here with optional lighting curtains designed for back-lighting your printed graphics

The original ‘Embrace’ frame shown above can be fitted with curtains of optional LED lights. The lights allow the graphic to be illuminated from behind in order to create a portable freestanding lightbox.

Aluminium channel bars are attached to the perimeter of the frame. It is these channel bars that allow the printed fabric graphic to push-fit into place.

With the graphic attached to the frame, we can see that the image is illuminated thanks to the curtains of LED lights that sit behind it.

Notice the slight shadow around the edge of the display?

This is caused by the aluminium channel bars on the frame. They are preventing light from shining-through and back-lighting this section of the graphic!

The Embrace+ Display Stand is a new product that addresses this problem with a simple revision to the design of the channel bars…

The Embrace+ SEG pop up stand uses a triangular shaped channel bar instead of the conventional rectangular shaped bar on the standard Embrace Pop Up Stand. The triangle shaped profile means that less of the graphic is in contact with the face of the channel bar and this reduces the shadow effect on the edge of the panel when it is illuminated. Now the graphic is illuminated almost all the way up to the edge of the frame and there is little shadow-effect.

The utilisation of a triangle profile channel bar almost eliminates completely the shadow around the edge of the graphic when back-lighting

Other than the design of the channel bar, both the Embrace and Embrace+ Display Stands are comparable products. Both frames come in a choice of frame size and both products pack into a wheeled trolley bag for transportation.

Cosmetically, the Embrace+ framework looks different with it’s white, powder coated finish whereas the regular Embrace SEG frame is silver.

If you purchase an Embrace SEG Display at the same time as lighting curtains, Printdesigns will supply the Embrace+ model with the triangular shaped channel bars as standard with all orders placed from 2020 onwards.

For non-illuminated Embrace displays (not purchased with optional LED lighting curtains), Printdesigns will supply the regular Embrace system as normal.

Graphic panels for non illuminated stands (Embrace) are printed onto a blockout fabric material for maximum opacity and vibrancy. Graphics for illuminated stands (Embrace+) are printed onto specialist back-lightable fabric material.

If you have a regular Embrace frame or an Embrace+ frame and require new printed graphic panels to fit then we are happy to assist and can supply blockout or illuminated fabric graphics depending on whether you intend to back-light the image.

Our printing and sewing is handled in house by our own experienced team so you can be assured of the best possible quality.

For more information on the Embrace and Embrace+ SEG Display stands please visit our website at

November 20, 2019

illumiGo LED Lightbox Review

In order to grab extra attention at exhibitions and events, many businesses are turning to illuminated display stands that can provide an extra degree of that all important ‘wow factor’! Here we look at illumiGo, the free-standing portable light box solution from Ultima Displays.


Light boxes have become increasingly popular in recent Years and due to advances in LED technology, they are able to provide lower running costs, higher levels of luminosity and greater reliability than ever before.

The combination of LED lighting and new textile fabric graphics have enabled an entirely new generation of backlit display products to be created that offer an extremely modern, clean appearance with almost frameless appearance.

The problem with most back-lit and illuminated display systems is that they tend to be bulky, heavy or are just generally awkward to transport and assemble. Whilst lack of portability and ease of assembly is not relevant to customers intending on using light box displays in a static retail environment, such concerns are a major drawback for the self-build exhibitor who is looking for a portable solution that can be transported to and from events and exhibitions.

The illumiGo Lightbox has been developed as a solution designed to address these issues. It is targeted primarily at the self-build exhibitor who requires an illuminated display that can be transported conveniently and assembled quickly.

illumiGo is distributed by UK display systems supplier Ultima Displays who sell the product via a network of distributors. The dealer network is large and encompasses small businesses who outsource print production and also larger dealers who produce their own fabric, backlit graphics in house.

As you would expect, dealers with in-house fabric printing facilities tend to have a competitive advantage when it comes to pricing.

The illumiGo lightbox uses a white powder coated metal framework made from small, manageable sections that push-fit together without the need for tools. The pieces of frame pack away into a cardboard carton with a foam insert that features cut-out slots for the frame components to fit into. The packaging is well thought out and the branded design of the carton provides a professional level of finish.

The cardboard carton for the illumiGo lightbox measures approximately 450mm (h) x 1140mm (w) x 180mm (d) which makes it small enough to carry by hand or to transport on the front seat of your car. We have some concerns as to the long-term durability of the cardboard carton but understand that a more durable, padded bag will become available as an optional accessory for this product in the future.

Putting the frame together is a simple process involving matching up numbered sections of frame and pushing them together. This takes 5 minutes or so.

The assembly video below demonstrates the process from start to finish.



The illumigo framework has a small channel that runs-around the perimeter of the frame. The printed graphic panel is designed to push-fit into this channel. This is possible because the printed fabric has a silicone beading sewn around the outside. When fitted to the frame, the print is under tension and this ensures that any creases or wrinkles are pulled-out completely.

Frames that use a channel designed to accept a fabric graphic like this are commonly referred to as ‘SEG’ frames (silicone edged graphic). For the first time user, fitting the graphic into the channel of the frame can prove a little fiddly but nevertheless, the process takes perhaps 5 minutes at most. This time is usually reduced considerably when the technique for fitting the graphic into the frame is practiced and perfected!

You can see how the graphic push-fits into the frame in the image below.

The illumination on the graphic is achieved by a series of LED lights that are positioned internally along the top and bottom horizontal sections of the illumiGo frame. When the graphic is fitted, the LED lights are hidden behind the print causing it to illuminate from the reverse.

The visual effect this type of backlit illumination is excellent but of course is entirely dependent on the quality of the graphic print that is supplied with the frame.

Fabric graphics are commonly printed using either a dye sublimation or a UV printing process. The former process has some advantages since the graphic print can normally be folded up and stored inside the box that the illumiGo frame packs-into. UV printed graphics on the other hand cannot normally be folded since the ink used in this type of print process can crack or bruise.

As such, we would advise checking with your supplier that the graphic material they will supply with the illumiGo frame is suitable for folding so that the print can be packed away and stored in the same box as the frame, otherwise it would need to be rolled up and transported separately.

The LED lights inside the illumiGo lightbox are powered with a 24v transformer than plugs-in to the bottom of the frame. The transformer comes with a 3-pin UK mains plug but will operate with any power supply between 110v and 250v. This means that it can be used in other countries with an appropriate plug adapter).

The LED’s that are mounted to the illumiGo frame are shown below.

Illumination of the graphic is excellent and the LED lights provide a good even spread of light all the way over the framework from top to bottom. Furthermore, it is possible to add a graphic to one or both sides of the illumiGo framework should you wish to create a double sided display.

If using the display single sided, the addition of a light blocking panel on the reverse side will help to improve the brightness of the backlighting from the front whilst preventing light from spilling out of the rear of the frame which otherwise may appear unsightly.

At present the IllumiGo freestanding lightbox is available in one size measuring 1M wide x 2M tall. We understand that additional, larger frame sizes are in development for future release.

illumiGo is certainly a great solution for any business looking for a free standing portable display with a higher level of impact when compared to a product such as a traditional banner stand.

Although this product represents a higher level of investment than a comparable non-illuminated display, it is worth noting that additional printed graphics can normally be purchased at a reasonable cost so that the display can be updated with new content cost effectively in order to provide a good return on investment.

The illumiGo lightbox is available to purchase from or via other Ultima dealers.


September 11, 2019

Cardboard Recyclable Displays for Events and Exhibitions

Recyclable displays made from cardboard are a great, eco-friendly alternative to traditional banner stands and are ideal for use at exhibitions, events, conferences or for use in retail and showroom environments.

Printdesigns have developed a series of products that can be assembled from a flat-packed state in a matter of minutes with completely tool-free assembly.

Products like our Toblerone Cardboard Display can be seen in use within busy exhibition venues, providing an attractive way to promote products and services. The three-sided design means that content can be viewable from almost any direction unlike conventional one or two sided display stands.

There is also a strong demand for recyclable point of sale display products in retail showrooms. Not only are flat packed displays convenient for transportation to stores but at end of life, they can be disposed of in the normal paper and cardboard stream along with other waste.

The example below shows one of a series of cardboard ‘Toblerone’ displays that were distributed to Ducati motorcycle dealerships in order to promote 3 key model types.

Printdesigns employ a digital, UV printing process that allows us to print directly onto cardboard materials. Furthermore, we use digital cutting technology for the cutting, creasing and folding of our cardboard display products.

Using digital print and cutting technology removes the high set up costs normally associated with the production of cardboard POS (point of sale) displays and opens-up these products to customers with a demand for one off or small order volume requirements.

The range of applications for these displays really is endless whether for use at an exhibition, roll out into showrooms or for use in busy retail spaces as was the case with the example shown below.


In the example above you can see that the cardboard display stand was stood onto some bespoke printed carpet to further enhance in-store branding.

As well as ‘off the shelf’ display designs, Printdesigns can also help with the design of completely new display stands that are tailored to the clients exact requirements. Our team can create a virtual render of the product followed by a prototype for testing usually at minimal cost.

For more information, please get in touch with our team on 01785 818111 or visit our website

May 13, 2019

Modulate™ Displays – Product Review

Modulate™ Displays were introduced in 2018 by leading portable displays manufacturer Ultima Displays. The Modulate™ system represents a development when compared to conventional ‘tube’ displays that are widely available today (sometimes referred to as TEXStyle or Formulate Displays).

The Modulate™ Display System builds on the practicality of a fabric tube display (lightweight and easy to assemble) by offering the primary advantage of being linkable. In other words, you can purchase multiple display frames and join them together to create much larger display stand configurations of varying shape and size.

Typical Modulate™ Display Building Block 1.5M wide x 2M tall


So, how does it work?….. The Modulate™ system uses a tubular aluminium frame that push fits together. To keep the process of assembly as simple and straight-forward as possible, the vast majority of tube sections are pre-connected with elasticated bungee cords. This means you can break apart the main sections of the frame without having to piece so many individual sections together again when it comes to re-building them!

Assembling a Modulate™ stand is very simple and a typical frame goes together in a few minutes . Once the frame is constructed, the printed fabric graphic simply slips over the top and zips-closed at ground level to secure it in place. You can attach the graphic to the frame whilst it is standing up or alternatively we found that it’s easier to lie the frame on it’s back to fit the graphic (if you are shorter!).

The visual effect on the Modulate™ Display really is very good. The fabric graphic is made from a highly elastic polyester material so it tensions without any unsightly creases or wrinkles (even if the print has been stored/folded for an extended period of time). Colour reproduction is also very strong and vibrant too when graphics are printed using a dye sublimation print process onto quality fabric materials.

Bespoke Wall of Modulate™ Stands



So, what type of stands can be constructed with the Modulate™ Displays?…. All sorts!

Every single section of frame can be connected together by simply offering two stands up to one-another. The magnetic connection is hidden within the vertical tube sections of the frame and allows the angle of the sections of Modulate™ to be adjusted when they are ‘snapped’ together. It is handy because you can essentially choose the shape of the display while setting it up to fit the overall space you have to work with.

Modulate™ frames are available with a selection of height and width options so there is a choice of ‘building blocks’ to work with. To add interest, some frames are available with top sections of the frame being angled. Using such sloped sections of frame in the overall stand configuration can give a more bespoke look to the overall stand arrangement.

This solution is really aimed at those customers who are looking for an exhibition system with an emphasis on portability but there is no reason why this type of system could not be used within a retail environment or other public space.


Modulate™ display stands fitting into a bay window area at event


If you are looking for a display solution for a particular event then Modulate™ Displays could certainly offer a solution. The examples above show the Modulate™ system in use at a customer event. By working with the client to establish the available floor space and shape, we were able to propose a design solution in the form of a 3D CAD design along with a quotation. There is no cost involved for producing a concept design and of course the quote is obligation free.

If you would like to discuss a project, why not get in touch with a member of our team and see how we can help.

Printdesigns are a specialist supplier of portable fabric displays, customers are welcome to visit our printing facility in Staffordshire by appointment.

You can also visit the Modulate™ Display Stands section of our website for further information and prices.


December 6, 2018

New – Promotor Action Counter Available with Strong Internal Shelf

The Promotor Action counter is a great quality, UK manufactured portable promotional counter that can be configured with various options such as a header panel, internal dustbin, full-colour printing and a smooth tabletop surface.


Image of the action promotor counter available online from Printdesigns



Promotional counters are ideal for product demonstrations, sampling, and retail marketing campaigns.
All the promotional counters from Printdesigns are available with or without bespoke printing.

Our updated Promotor Action is now available with an extra strong internal shelf that is ideal for supporting heavy objects such as a microwave oven for example.

Image of the Promotor Action Counter with printed panels from Printdesigns

The ability to support heavy objects makes this popular promotional counter the ideal food tasting or food sampling promotional counter, ideal for in-store promotions and events.

The Action Promotor with strong shelf is available to purchase on the website in two guises:-

  • Standard Action Promotor Counter (with normal internal shelf)
  • Action Promotor Counter with Strong Internal Shelf

Both units can be supplied with a printed panel, produced from your own artwork. In addition, the header panel for the unit can also be bespoke printed and even contour-cut to shape.

The reasons that make the Promotor Action counter the perfect addition to your next promotion are:

  • Optional flat counter top
  • Hygiene friendly counter unit – perfect for food sampling
  • Optional built-in tidy bin at the rear of the unit
  • UK manufactured counter unit made to a high specification
  • Optional strong shelf at the rear of display ideal for storing heavy duty items
  • Carry bag included
  • No tools required for assembly

Image of the Promotor Action Counter with waste bin shelf available from

The new update of the Promotor Action Counter is also ready to use with our optional iPad display enclosure. For use with any iPad from the ‘2’ up to the ‘Air’, it brings a level of interactivity to your demonstrations and product displays.


The Promotor Action Counter with iPad Enclosure for interactive product displays and presentations. Available from Printdesigns


Printdesigns supply a wide range of other promotional counters in a choice of styles and sizes to suit almost all requirements and budgets.
As well as ‘off the shelf’ promotional counters, we can manufacture bespoke products for volume orders.

For more information on our product range or to find a solution to meet your requirements, why not call and speak to one of our experienced team who will be happy to provide helpful advice and support on all of the products in our range.

Check our main website for more innovative promotional counters.