September 26, 2016

Marketing managers – this is why you need to invest in a folding table

When working in marketing, we know that you have a long list of purchases to pitch to your manager and finance departments when it comes to allocating your budgets. Included in this list is often things such as advertising fees, subscription to marketing tools and software, money for printed materials and costly exhibitions to plan for. At PrintDesigns, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a whole host of new and exciting products that can help our clients to save money while increasing their success, and our new folded table could be the perfect tool in any marketer’s toolkit. Here’s why…

Great graphic coverage

When attending a trade show, you want your booth to display your company’s image and message successfully in order to attract new customers, as well as maintaining brand visibility within your industry. Conventionally, display stands such as pop up banners and magnetic roller banners are used to do this. However, our new folding exhibition table comes with a full colour printed stretch fabric graphic, neatly fitting over the table and doubling up as a new kind of display stand, as well as providing a sturdy table top.


Value for money

We offer our new folding table solution for just £175 ex vat, including the full colour printing of your custom graphic design. For this price, you are getting a bold exhibition stand as well as a practical table top that provides everything you need to form a successful presence at an exhibition, all in one product. Unlike a roller banner or other form of display stand, the folding table with stretch fabric graphic is an ‘all in one solution’ for any trade show, exhibition or conference


Totally portable

As the name suggests, our folding exhibition table can be folded down into a flat, portable format, with a handle to make carrying it around from exhibition to exhibition a breeze. Once the day is done, you simply need to remove the stretch fabric graphic and fold the table back down again to pack up and leave in no time at all. The lengthy process of taking down your exhibition stand is reduced to two simple steps with our folding exhibition table.

So marketing managers, next time you’re stuck crunching the numbers and trying to ensure that you can meet all of your departments needs with your budget, our folding table could be the perfect solution!

September 23, 2016

Short on space? How to make a small exhibition stand work for you

thumbnail-5 In an ideal world, your company’s exhibition stand at its next big trade show event would be right in the middle, perhaps over two levels, with unlimited budget, plenty of space and huge amounts of fabulous interactive screens, promotional giveaways and other fantastic tools to help visitors feel compelled to talk to you at your booth whenever they walk past. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and although visits to trade shows are an important event on every businesses calendar, they also often come with tight budget controls and limited space to boot. This doesn’t mean that your smaller exhibition stand can’t be as effective as its larger counterparts – here’s how to make your humble exhibition stand work for you…

Have a clear and consistent visual identity

With a smaller space, portraying too many messages can be confusing and largely ineffective. For a bigger impact it is important to clearly define your aims, which will then dictate the display stands, roller banners, posters and more that you will use to decorate your booth. Even if it is in a small space, if your visual identity is consistent and your marketing message is clear, then it will be received well by your peers.

Utilise what space you do have

Although your floorplan may be tiny, you can still use the space above and across your exhibition stand to really make an impact. Use your imagination to think creatively in order to utilise the space that you do have, rather than focussing on your restrictions.

Lucrative lighting

When limited on space, clever use of lighting can really make your booth stand out alongside its larger counterparts. Not only can it literally shine a light on your exhibition stand, it can also be used to highlight your graphics and to give an illusion of space!

Create a buzz before the show

If you’re concerned that your exhibition stand won’t be able to catch the attention of trade show visitors, use social media to generate a buzz before the event even begins. Target the clients and companies that you feel could benefit from your product or service via networking sites such as LinkedIn and invite them to come and visit your booth. Doing this, you have a steady stream of relevant visitors that will actively come to find you at your stand.

At PrintDesigns, we have been helping companies of all sizes to spread their marketing message loud and clear at tradeshows for over a decade. If you need advice or are looking for high quality banner stands, pop up banners or any other kinds of display stands, get in touch today!


September 20, 2016

Is your business personal enough?

Coca Cola People react well to being addressed personally, and this tactic has been gaining traction in the world of marketing for many years. Now, in a hyper connected landscape where consumers are bombarded with many promotional messages every day, is your business personal enough to connect with your customer?

This emerging trend for personalisation is not surprising with a paper, ‘From innovation to implementation: emerging print for packaging technologies and how to apply them’ finding that personalised marketing campaigns achieve 31% better profits than general marketing materials. In addition to generating better instant results, the study also fond that customers were more loyal to a brand that used personalisation.

During 2013 and 2014, Coca Cola launched its ‘share a coke’ campaign, swapping its famous logo for a series of popular names printed on its label. Soon, people were heading to the shops and searching for a Coca Cola with their name on, sharing their finds on social media. As a result, Coca Cola saw 998 million impressions on Twitter, selling over 150 million bottles and over 730,000 personalised glass bottles via its online store.

While this was a huge scale campaign, leveraged by Coca Cola’s already large, worldwide fan base and global visibility, taking inspiration from this and applying it to your marketing strategy could help your business to succeed, no matter how big or small it may be.

Personalisation can easily be achieved through direct mail campaigns. Addressing each of your clients personally, by office or by department rather than sending out generic letters could mean the difference between an opened or unopened envelope. However, this can be targeted even further still, by customising the content of each letter to meet the needs if its audience perfectly.

Beyond the practical application of a personalisation-based strategy, businesses can use this theory and apply it to their every day marketing. Rather than building a campaign that aims to please every member of your target audience, taking the time to highlight the specific pain points of certain segments within your customer base could build a better promotional plan.

The perfect time to do this is when visiting an exhibition or trade show. Every exhibition you attend will be targeted towards a very niche, highly focussed industry. Building your trade show strategy using knowledge of these consumers can help to make your attendance a success. After researching each specific trade show, adjust the marketing message on your exhibition stands and display stands accordingly, to truly make your business ‘personal’ to the show.

Next time you’re planning a trade show attendance, prepare for it properly with a custom printed banner stand from PrintDesigns.


September 19, 2016

Washable fabric exhibition stands provide sustainable marketing at trade shows and conferences

texstyle-concave-fabric-display-standAs the busy September season of trade shows and exhibitions kicks in across the country, businesses are preparing their promotional materials to display their services in the best possible way. Although traditional banner stands are the first choice solution for many marketing professionals, they can easily become damaged, quickly looking worn and needing to be replaced regularly. PrintDesigns urges businesses to consider alternative display stand products for a more sustainable solution, highlighting the benefits of its range of TEXStyle fabric exhibition stands and accessories.

Using high quality graphics that are printed onto one-piece of stretch fabric, this collection of innovative display stands offers great value for money with a low environmental impact. Each unique fabric exhibition stand from the range can be re-used time and time again – with no need to dispose of the graphic when it gets dirty the strong, resilient printed fabric is machine washable, giving brands a fresh looking display stand at every event.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of PrintDesigns said, “The traditional banner stand certainly has its place within the world of marketing materials, but companies that consistently use them can often find that they are constantly ordering more of these bargain products. This isn’t a popular choice for businesses with tight budgets, or with high environmental targets. While they may not be suitable for a one-off need, such as promoting a specific offer or event, our selection of TEXStyle display stands are extremely long lasting, making them perfect for showcasing a strong brand identity at any trade show or business conference.”

As well as being hard-wearing, the fabric graphic on this ‘new breed’ of display stand can be easily recycled with other textiles when it does reach the end of its life. And due to the flexible nature of the textile printed graphics, they can easily be folded and transported to trade shows across the country without any worry of creasing or ripping the banners. What’s more, the TEXStyle display stand solutions are around 1/3rd of the weight and volume of conventional banner stands, making them incredibly portable and simple to store.

PrintDesigns stock a selection of these fabric display stands in a wide range of styles, with bundle deals available for those that want more than one of these unique solutions. Distinctive shapes such as a ‘swirl’ ‘surge’ and ‘icon’ are on offer, as well as more conventional banner shape designs.




September 16, 2016

Ways to use LinkedIn to promote your event

1 When working within sales or marketing, you will attend many events that are hosted by other people, but every so often your company may decide that it is time to host its own conference in order to target specific industries and new potential clients. While it may sound simple at first, any one who has been in charge of organising of one of these ‘in-house’ events knows the huge amounts of sleepless nights, stressful days and challenges that can be faced in the run up to the big day. Don’t risk wasting your time, energy and (your company’s) money by creating a wonderful event by promoting it poorly. Here’s how to use LinkedIn effectively, to help to get the right people heading to your show.


First thing’s first – LinkedIn is a social media tool, so you need to make sure that those you are connected with are the people you need to be speaking to. Identify who it is you want to attend your event, and start those virtual professional introductions accordingly.

Post a status

Once you’re happy with the audience you have gathered, posting a status is a simple way to let your new connections know that you are putting on an event that will be of interest to them. Being less formal than your company’s corporate page, you can upload exciting developments as they happen to entice your chosen crowd. Just had an exciting speaker confirmed? Been to view some amazing venues today? Let your connections know, and the interest will soon come.

Join groups

LinkedIn has a number of very specific groups, formed to help share knowledge and information that is targeted towards specific industries. Become active in these groups – not only will this raise your professional profile, but you could gain some very interesting industry insights through discussions with the members. When taking about your event in these groups, avoid being too ‘salesy’, and simply let the members know that you have something great to offer that could really help their business.

Publish a post

LinkedIn has its own unique ‘blogging’ tool, where members are able to publish their own post for entire LinkedIn community to see. This is a great way to push your content marketing. Again, don’t simply use this as a platform for a sales pitch, take the time to think of a title and blog post that will inform, educate or inspire your target group, making them unable to resist learning more about what your business could offer at your event.

As well as online pre-event promotion, using custom printed materials such as display stands and roller banners to decorate your venue is key to any event. Head to the PrintDesigns website today, where will be happy to help you make your event a success.