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Embrace or Embrace+ SEG Display Stands – What’s the difference?

The Embrace SEG display stand is a popular, portable display backdrop. It utilises a collapsible ‘pop up’ style frame but combines it with a tensioned fabric display graphic rather than heavy, rollable panels that are common to traditional pop up stands.

The result is a portable display system that can be assembled in under 10 minutes but looks every bit as good as a conventional tensioned SEG fabric display that can take more than an hour to construct.

Original ‘Embrace’ Display Frame shown here with optional lighting curtains designed for back-lighting your printed graphics

The original ‘Embrace’ frame shown above can be fitted with curtains of optional LED lights. The lights allow the graphic to be illuminated from behind in order to create a portable freestanding lightbox.

Aluminium channel bars are attached to the perimeter of the frame. It is these channel bars that allow the printed fabric graphic to push-fit into place.

With the graphic attached to the frame, we can see that the image is illuminated thanks to the curtains of LED lights that sit behind it.

Notice the slight shadow around the edge of the display?

This is caused by the aluminium channel bars on the frame. They are preventing light from shining-through and back-lighting this section of the graphic!

The Embrace+ Display Stand is a new product that addresses this problem with a simple revision to the design of the channel bars…

The Embrace+ SEG pop up stand uses a triangular shaped channel bar instead of the conventional rectangular shaped bar on the standard Embrace Pop Up Stand. The triangle shaped profile means that less of the graphic is in contact with the face of the channel bar and this reduces the shadow effect on the edge of the panel when it is illuminated. Now the graphic is illuminated almost all the way up to the edge of the frame and there is little shadow-effect.

The utilisation of a triangle profile channel bar almost eliminates completely the shadow around the edge of the graphic when back-lighting

Other than the design of the channel bar, both the Embrace and Embrace+ Display Stands are comparable products. Both frames come in a choice of frame size and both products pack into a wheeled trolley bag for transportation.

Cosmetically, the Embrace+ framework looks different with it’s white, powder coated finish whereas the regular Embrace SEG frame is silver.

If you purchase an Embrace SEG Display at the same time as lighting curtains, Printdesigns will supply the Embrace+ model with the triangular shaped channel bars as standard with all orders placed from 2020 onwards.

For non-illuminated Embrace displays (not purchased with optional LED lighting curtains), Printdesigns will supply the regular Embrace system as normal.

Graphic panels for non illuminated stands (Embrace) are printed onto a blockout fabric material for maximum opacity and vibrancy. Graphics for illuminated stands (Embrace+) are printed onto specialist back-lightable fabric material.

If you have a regular Embrace frame or an Embrace+ frame and require new printed graphic panels to fit then we are happy to assist and can supply blockout or illuminated fabric graphics depending on whether you intend to back-light the image.

Our printing and sewing is handled in house by our own experienced team so you can be assured of the best possible quality.

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