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Barracuda banner stand review

Ultima Displays were one of the first major suppliers of affordable portable banner stands in the UK and the original Barracuda banner stand was one of the first models in the range. The original Barracuda banner stand was a strong, reliable single sided banner stand which featured a no-nonsense wide base design that did not […]

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Imported chinese banner stands

Over the last few years, we have seen a large increase in the number of overseas suppliers selling portable exhibition stands direct to the UK. Frequently the way in which these companies operate can be misleading to say the least. Many of these businesses are nothing more than an individual working from home and ‘drop-shipping’ […]

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Imagine Banner Stand Review

There are several replaceable cassette banner stands available in the UK and the Imagine banner stand by Ultima Displays is perhaps the most popular selling model on the market. Following on from the original Imagine banner stand, the new revised model was launched by Ultima Displays in 2007 and offered a range of improvements according […]

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