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Impress With Print Designs’ Bamboo Banner Stands

There are many different ways in which a business or a representative of a company can stand out at a conference or meeting. These events can be a daunting task if you’re not entirely confident that you have a display which reflects your company’s ethos and values. Print Designs worked for 20 months back in […]

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Balmer Media In Liquidation / Gone Bust

Balmer Media who were a large format print and display company have gone into administration we learned today. The Balmer media website featured a range of display stands with Google PPC advertising offering the cheapest banner stands on the internet! With budgets cut and  the economy in turmoil, the temptation to purchase products at ‘too […]

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Bad Quality Problem Banner Stands – The Pitfalls

When buying a banner stand there are a multitude of suppliers to choose from on the internet. Many of the economy type stands that are available look very similar, especially when you are looking at a small photograph on a website. Many suppliers provide very little information about the product and the materials used in […]

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