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Printable flooring options for the exhibition season

As the exhibition and events calendar begins to kick-off following the Easter holidays, many of our customers attending exhibitions and events are keen to explore new and innovative methods of drawing attention to their exhibition space. Printed flooring is a great way of creating a lasting impression but is also extremely cost-effective and easy to […]

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Adam Marszalek’s cheat sheet for digital printing newbies

So, you’re almost ready for the exhibition. You’ve planned out the booth, drawn and discarded dozens or even hundreds of sketches to make sure you have the set-up exactly right. You’ve chosen what pieces you need, and now the time has come to decide what will decorate these displays. But, regardless of what you’re sending, […]

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3 killer ways to up your giveaway game at your next show

When was the last time you heard ‘I can’t wait to go to an exhibition to get a useless promotional item’? Nobody likes ridiculous items clearly only made so the company could fit the full-size version of its logo on it. They don’t want magnets that can’t travel without scrambling at least one important piece […]

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