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How to be a Sustainable Exhibitor

As a business, having sustainable and environmentally conscious policies in place is ever important, especially when attending exhibitions. The waste produced by exhibitions is phenomenal, and the industry needs to work harder to cut that down and recycle as much as possible from exhibitors and visitors. Here at Printdesigns we encourage exhibitors to be as […]

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How to Ensure ROI on an Exhibition Stand

Measuring return on investment is vital when allocating a company budget, as if there is no proof that spending the money was worth it you probably won’t receive it again. Trade shows and exhibitions can become a large expense for organisations, so it’s important that there is a system in place to prove the effectiveness […]

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Printdesigns featured in Stoke Sentinel for creation of innovative TEXStyle Displays We received a visit last week from The Stoke Sentinel who came to take a look at some of our innovative, TEXStyle display stands. Unlike traditional portable pop up stands, our range of TEXStyle backwall stands can be carried in only one hand with an approximate weight of 12KG. Better still, the fabric […]

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