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How to Ensure ROI on an Exhibition Stand

An amazing quality, professional straight pop up display kit

Measuring return on investment is vital when allocating a company budget, as if there is no proof that spending the money was worth it you probably won’t receive it again. Trade shows and exhibitions can become a large expense for organisations, so it’s important that there is a system in place to prove the effectiveness of the spend.Aside from the fee for exhibiting, one of the major expenses is the booth design or exhibition display stand which businesses need to showcase their brand. This isn’t really the part where companies want to scrimp and scrape, as attracting attention and drawing visitors to their stand is essential. However, with UK printing companies such as Printdesigns offering unbelievable value for money, this is an area where businesses can save and ensure a ROI.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of exhibition stand company Printdesigns said, “We understand the huge expense of any exhibition or trade show, and in some cases it is hard to justify and impossible to measure how effective the exhibition was. Depending on the kind of product or service, you might not receive an instant boost in sales or enquiries – although many businesses do from exhibitions. With our range of high quality, affordable display stands and bundle deals starting from just £40, businesses can ensure a ROI on their exhibition stand – especially since they can be used at a number of events.”

 If businesses already have a selection of marketing materials for a show booth but just need an extra display with a message – perhaps a new product to highlight or a special offer – then the budget roller banner stand is ideal. The 850mm wide display stand is wider than many on the market, offers premium printing quality and is just £39.50 excluding tax. If businesses have a larger space to fill, there is a special offer to take advantage of – 2 roller banners for £75.

Yet businesses small and large across the country are spoilt for choice when it comes to Printdesigns’ special offers. There’s a complete pop-up kit for under £500 including a large magnetic pop up display, a counter with graphics, two lights to illuminate the stand and a wheeled transportation kit. Then there’s the TEXstyle range of fabric graphics which is exclusive to the Staffordshire based company. There is currently £100 off the Texstyle rectangle bundle and the innovative design of the range boasts many benefits.

Super lightweight and easier to transport than traditional stands with PVC graphics panels, the TEXstyle display stands print onto textiles which can be washed and folded without damaging the graphics. This means they last for years and years, and the stands are more economical because when businesses need to update the stand they can simply buy a new piece of fabric and attach it to the same framework.

Mark added, “We support SMEs and small start-ups who need to get their business out there at exhibitions but can’t necessarily afford to spend big on displays and marketing materials. They need to invest in a professional looking stand without blowing the budget, and we have hundreds of options for them.”