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How Often Should I Replace my Display Stand Graphics?

With many modern display stands, you have the option of replacing the graphics whenever you want. This is much better for the environment, as you won’t be throwing away an old base and having a new one built, and it also saves you money as you won’t have to fork out for the entire new […]

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Embrace Digital Signage at Your Next Event

As consumers continue to engage with technology and brands in new ways, Printdesigns is urging businesses to take advantage of digital signage at their next marketing event. Whether it’s a promotional stand or an exhibition, digital display stands can attract and interest passers-by. There are plenty of statistics which support the notion that digital signage […]

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5 Tips for a Stress Free Get Out

Trade shows and exhibitions are really long days – and if you’re there for the weekend, you’ll be even more excited for the get out. Packing down is your last job of the event, but be sure you don’t relax too soon, as this can also be a difficult task! We’ve already gave our tips […]

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