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How to be a Sustainable Exhibitor

eco-banner-standAs a business, having sustainable and environmentally conscious policies in place is ever important, especially when attending exhibitions. The waste produced by exhibitions is phenomenal, and the industry needs to work harder to cut that down and recycle as much as possible from exhibitors and visitors.

Here at Printdesigns we encourage exhibitors to be as eco-friendly as possible, which is why we are constantly growing our recyclable range of stands and making many of our products re-usable and long lasting. We want people to be using our display stands for decades without any problems. But being sustainable goes much further than your choice of exhibition stand – so here’s a few tips from the experts to ensure you’re being as green as possible.

  1. Giveaways

Being at an exhibition can be exhausting and overwhelming and visitors have no chance of remembering your company above the others – unless they have a giveaway to take home! If you’ve prepared branded goody bags filled to the brim with goodies for potential clients, then make sure it’s a cotton bag rather than a plastic carrier bag. If you don’t have a collection of goodies and just have one or two, then make it something edible they can take home and enjoy or something that is recyclable, such as a paper calendar or notepad.

  1. Marketing Materials

If you really need to give out flyers or booklets, then make sure they are printed on recyclable paper. This is better for the environment, and claiming that all your printed materials are made of recycled materials could even be a USP and attract more eco-conscious clients. Even better, make your marketing materials downloadable from your website and just give out your website address or ask for email addresses and send it the next day. This will reduce waste and ensure you’re only giving your information to people who are definitely interested.

  1. Electricity Usage

Power might be included in the price of your booth, but do you really need it? Is it bright enough that you don’t need those lights above your stand? Thinking twice about using more electricity than needed will make a difference to the overall carbon footprint of the exhibition.

  1. A Smart Stand

Nowadays there are so many choices for the eco exhibitioner. Rather than relying on PVC graphics, why not opt for textile display stands which are more durable, last longer and the graphics can be replaced on the framework when necessary? With the TEXstyle range, the graphics panel can even be washed in the washing machine – and recycled when you don’t need it anymore.

The eco banner stand is an environmentally-friendly alternative to display stands which use plastic and metal components. Made completely out of robust cardboard, this stand is 100% recyclable – and it looks great too. Choosing one of these stands will seriously up your green credentials as a business.

Have you got any more tips for being sustainable at exhibitions? Let us know!