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Bad Quality Problem Banner Stands – The Pitfalls

When buying a banner stand there are a multitude of suppliers to choose from on the internet. Many of the economy type stands that are available look very similar, especially when you are looking at a small photograph on a website.

Many suppliers provide very little information about the product and the materials used in the manufacture and consequently it is all too easy for a customer to purchase a product which could suffer some of the problems shown below.


Problem 1 – Leaning Banner Stands

Leaning in a roller banner is caused by one of two things but both issues are related to the thickness of the aluminum used in the mechanism being insufficient in order to support the print. In the example below, we see a banner stand which is used in a department store. The banner is leaning forwards at quite a severe angle. We can see that the pole is bending rather like a banana because the metal is too thin. A similar problem can exist whereby the base casing of the stand can also flex, once again because the metal is too thin.


Problem 2 – Curling Edges

Sometimes, suppliers will print graphics onto materials that are not ideally suited for use on a roller banner. When these materials are subjected to variations in temperature, the material will curl which looks unsightly. In this example, the banner looks to have been printed onto a polypropylene material of some description. You can see the edges of the stand are curling backwards so it has a negative effect on the look of the artwork. You can also see that the support pole is bending over because the thin metal cannot support the downward force of the spring in the base, combined with the weight of the material itself.


Problem 3 – Cheap material = Prints that tear

In this shot you can see that the print has started to tear in the top left hand corner of the graphic. It makes the display look tatty when viewed in the flesh more so than it looks in this picture.

The stand uses a toprail whereby the print is wrapped around a loop and the loop has caused the material to tear under stress. If a stronger material was used then the tear would not have formed. Our stands are printed onto tear resistant material and use a top rail that clamps the material rather than wrapping it around a rod which can eventually cause the material to tear.

This tear will get bigger until the print eventually becomes detached from the top rail entirely then the stand will be useless.


Choosing your roller banner supplier carefully will ensure that the product you buy will provide reliable use and best value for money and can avoid problems like the above.

leaning banner stands

Look how much this banner stand is leaning over. It's because the pole and base are made from thin metal that is flexing

Wrong materials = curling banner stand

Wrong materials = curling banner stand

cheap material and bad stand design causes tearing on print

cheap material and bad stand design causes tearing on print