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Impress With Print Designs’ Bamboo Banner Stands

There are many different ways in which a business or a representative of a company can stand out at a conference or meeting. These events can be a daunting task if you’re not entirely confident that you have a display which reflects your company’s ethos and values. Print Designs worked for 20 months back in 2008 to develop a product which will enable representatives to stand out at such occasions, with a multitude of other advantages to boot. Now more than ever, with environmental concerns becoming more vehemently voiced, companies can have complete confidence in choosing a positive design from the Bamboo range of banner stands by Print Designs.

Print Designs’ Bamboo Banner Stands are a fantastic way to showcase a business’ eco-friendly attitude whilst also being durable, hardwearing, attractive and professional. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, so it makes sense to utilise it and create useful, natural looking products to replace the conventional aluminium, plastic, steel and glass fibre. At this delicate time of both economic and climatic change, many businesses are finding it hard to convert to more eco-conscious methods of promoting themselves and their services – however it may be surprising to learn that the bamboo alternatives are less expensive than the traditional materials. This means that using a greener product is more cost-effective than using the man-made varieties. The graphic printing process used on the bamboo banner stands is just as eco-friendly as the stands themselves; all graphics are printed using an aqueous or UV print process, with no harmful solvents used at any point.

The Bamboo X Banner Stand is the cheapest bamboo product offered by Print Designs and is a great alternative to the aluminium traditionally used to build these types of stand. Standing at 2m when fully assembled, the cheaper product does not compromise on quality and is also lightweight for when portability is a must – when combined with the banner, the total weight of the set is no more than 2kg. The banner stand starts at the brilliant price of just £60 for a Blockout PVC banner, rising to £90 should you choose to use a lightweight textile for a more authentic effect.

Print Designs’ Bamboo Roller Banner Stand has proved the most popular of their bamboo range, with an aesthetic that is both eye-catching and practical. Other companies have been found to stock bamboo banner stands too, but Print Designs’ option stands out as it features a very wide base for optimum stability. As well as the previous varieties of print material, the roller banner stand offers a third option – Opal Jet polyester with a scratch-resistant finish to keep it in pristine condition.