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Folding Cardboard Display Stands

As many of our customers know, we installed a Zund flatbed cutter in 2011 which is now used for trimming many of the products that we sell including pop up stand graphics and roller banner stand graphics. The Zund cutter has practically eliminated the bottle-neck that we had in production as it can perform the job of finishing our prints faster and more accurately than ever before.

At the end of this year, we have been looking at developing some new, interesting  products which make use of our Zund cutting facilities. The stands in question are made from engineered cardboard and are folded and creased in such a way that the stand can be self-assembled on site.

Cardboard POS stands are big business and sold by companies like DS Smith Kaysersberg (see images below). The great thing about these types of display is that they are lightweight and can be recycled more easily than other types of display that are made from metal and plastic.

Our range of folding cardboard POS stands will launch in 2012 and we hope that some of the displays like our totem pop up display will prove to be viable alternatives to traditional banner stands for many of our customers.

By printing our displays digitally, we will be offering our folding POS displays for purchase as single units which means that for smaller businesses, they will be affordable. Until now, many suppliers involved in the industry are not geared towards producing one off products or small runs and so displays like these have not been accessible for the typical exhibitor who only needs to purchase a limited number of units.