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What’s the difference between a JPG, a BMP and a PNG?

If you’re sending graphics to be used in posters or banners, it’s a sad fact that any small flaw will be magnified just by virtue of the fact that it’s bigger. Happily, though, there are ways to head off any image errors at the pass just by looking at your needs and knowing your file […]

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Display Panels and Posters for Exhibition Octanorm Shell Schemes – Useful Information

The most common way that space in exhibition halls is broken-up into booths is with Shell Schemes. Essentially a shell scheme is a series of upright metal posts that are braced apart with horizontal beams at the top and bottom of the post. By combining multiple posts held together with beams, exhibition stand builders are […]

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Spring Fair Exhibition Stands

The Spring Fair is one of the largest exhibitions held at the NEC throughout the year. In 2012, the Sprint Fair will be open from 5th Feb to the 9th Feb and will see a whole host of companies selling all manner of home accessories and contemporary gifts to the public. Printdesigns have already been […]

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