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Experienced Printing Provider Re-iterates Importance of Press Wall Branding in Instagram Age

Printdesigns, the foremost wide-format printing provider, is today re-iterating the importance of investing in professional looking press wall when hosting any public event. While traditionally these solutions would have been reserved only for high-profile media interviews, todays ‘Instagram age’ has made this branding activity integral to any professional, business event. Otherwise referred to as ‘media […]

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How to know when to rebrand your business

Almost all companies will someday come to the milestone known as the ‘rebrand’, for some it will be early in the business but for many it will come after the company has outgrown their current branding. A company’s brand is its primary public image and changing it is a tough decision that takes a tremendous […]

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Why You Should Think Twice About the Colour of Your Display Stand

Colour does more than just add visual interest.  Our brains evolved to be particularly conscious of colour, for numerous reasons: to identify edible foods, to recognize patterns to avoid danger, and even to communicate.  Colours capture our attention, and our reactions to them are deeply ingrained.  It is no surprise, then, that colour psychology plays […]

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