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iPad phenomenon set to transform display product market

iPad exhibition stands

iPad exhibition stands

When Apple released its latest figures this year iPad sales set a new high-water mark, with 229 million tablets sold in the last quarter, compared to 15.4 million last year. That translates to more than 1.7 million iPads sold per week, a 60 percent increase from the year-ago quarter and more than 120 million sold since Apple created this new product sector.

By the time you read this article these figures will be obsolete. In March an IDC market analysis report revised its forecast for the total number of tablets that will be sold in 2013 up from 172.4m to 190.9m – suggesting that it thinks tablets will outsell laptops this year.

These products are being increasingly used at events, in-store and in showrooms in conjunction with physical display products. Marketers have recognised the benefits and are increasingly turning to the simple and intuitive interactivity an iPad provides to communicate to a number of audiences.

As the market grows so does demand for the supply of solutions to utlise tablets alongside graphics within display environments. Printdesigns recognised this need early in the growth of the new market and has come up with a range of products that incorporate the use of iPads within the display products they manufacture.

Printdesigns offer a comprehensive range of iPad holders details of which can be found on our website. For those customers that own an iPad, we actively encourage the integration of the device into our range of portable and modular exhibition systems and banner stands.

Mark Thompson, MD of Printdesigns said “Most of our customers have iPads or access to them and once they realise the myriad of ways this product may be used on an exhibition stand, it becomes a no brainer to include them in the design process”.