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Embrace Social Media at Exhibitions and Trade Shows This Summer

iPad Exhibition Display StandInvesting in high-quality banner stands and the relevant exhibition equipment is a given for any businesses setting out on the promotional trail this summer. But are businesses missing out because of their reluctance to implement social media and digital technology within their stands? Embracing the social aspect of marketing and interacting with customers on a more personal level is a great way to boost sales and make a whole organisation seem more personable, and integrating digital technology into an exhibition display is one of the easiest ways to reach out to customers in this way.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director at exhibition experts Printdesigns, says, “Any organisation attending an event this year should be looking to include at least one element of social media within their display. Social media has been proven to almost double marketing leads compared with those amassed at a trade show, so using the two in tandem with one another is a surefire way to guarantee an impact on visitors at the event.”

Many members of sales staff in this day and age are well versed in the workings of social media, so implement some essential company policies regarding their use of the networks, and allow them to share their experiences of the event through different networks. Ask them to share photos on Pinterest, start polls on Facebook, create a hashtag for the event on Twitter and invite both visitors and non-attendees to get involved. It will create an element of interest and excitement for those attending the event and will enable the sales team to interact with clients who haven’t made it to the trade show, opening up the potential pool of leads even further.

Any drab exhibition display can be brought to life by using an integrated media exhibition stand, and they are a great way to introduce an element of social media. Ask visitors to take part in a survey then post the results on Twitter. Set up a themed game on the screen and offer the top three scores at the end of the day a discount code for their next order. Conducting video interviews is also possible, and these can be useful for website testimonials or content on Facebook or Twitter in the future.

Don’t forget about the digital revolution after the event; follow up on client interactions in the days after the trade show, write a blog about the event and ask customers and attendees for their feedback on the display in general. This heightened level of interaction between client and company allows business owners to establish where they are really succeeding in their exhibition strategies, whilst simultaneously giving their visitors the very best trade show experience possible.