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Exhibition stand styles to bookmark now and thank us later

Exhibition season is coming soon and right now it seems that everyone is trying to find the wow-factor for their stand which is completely on-trend, but also totally unique. That will stand out at a trade show, but also fit in with their brand and what they’re trying to say. Believe it or not, it […]

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Shell Clad Example Pictures

Shell Clad adapters are simple plastic connectors that can be attached to most common exhibition shell schemes. Shell Clad adapters simply clip-on to the upright aluminium pillars of the shell scheme and provide a velcro face onto which printed graphics can be attached quickly and easily. By using Shell-Clad adapter clips, it is possible to […]

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Printdesigns Reveals Top Tips To Boost B2B Trade Show Strategy

Even as the world of marketing is transformed by digital innovations, there remain certain physical methods that will forever stand the test of time. Marketing experts across the world continue to praise the benefits of attending trade shows and today Printdesigns, a display stand provider with over a decade of experience, is sharing its tips […]

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