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Picking your trade-show team

Trade shows are an excellent time to boost your business. Delightful exhibition stands will help attract some interest to your booth but you also need the right people to boost your chances of securing sales! Your trade show team need to be able to attract customers, explain your business and act as appropriate ambassadors. When […]

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Laying out a retail store to boost sales fast

Visiting one of the big supermarkets or a high street chain often results in leaving after spending more than intended. It isn’t because the products are better than an independent store – it is all because big retail creates an inviting and engaging shopping experience. This is all done through using instore display stands and […]

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Getting Back to ‘Old-School’ Marketing Methods with Printed Flyers!

For the last few years the marketing world has been focused online, with many marketers overlooking traditional formats such as display stands and printed handouts as a way to capture their audience. New tools and methods have been developed. Innovative technology like virtual reality, video and social media have been utilised to spread marketing messages. […]

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