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Picking your trade-show team

3 Trade shows are an excellent time to boost your business. Delightful exhibition stands will help attract some interest to your booth but you also need the right people to boost your chances of securing sales! Your trade show team need to be able to attract customers, explain your business and act as appropriate ambassadors. When choosing staff, you need to carefully build a team that will meet your expectations but how can you do that?

Employee experience

The staff members in your booth need to be able to answer questions about the business and your products or services. There is no point putting a new member of staff or someone inexperienced who will not be able to fulfil this vital function. It may even be worth doing some extra staff training with your team just to ensure that they know how the behave at the booth and what they should say.

All about attitude

Choose staff members that actually want to be there. Anyone who comes by your booth will instantly know if they don’t. This will reduce their ability to engage with potential customers. Take enthusiastic and driven employees to set a positive tone and attitude to your stand.

Different departments

Don’t choose purely salespeople to man your booth. They may have more natural ability when it comes to the art of persuasion but they cannot answer every technical question. Your sellers do need to be there, but bring a varied team. This not only helps answer questions it also means that visitors to your booth will gain comprehensive insights into what your company is about.

Practice makes perfect

Experience and attitude will contribute towards a successful exhibition stand but you should also practice what your staff will say. This will give you a chance to explain the difference between hard and soft pitching before they get a chance to try it. You could also get other staff members in for your exhibition team to practice pitching too.

Explain expectations

Your staff need to know what is actually expected of them. If they don’t know this, then they will have no idea what they need to do. Each exhibition is different so prep your team with expectations before each one. When the event is over you should also have a debrief. This will allow staff to understand how they performed and how to improve for the next trade show.

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