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Win Back Customers Throughout January with Quality Retail Displays

January high street blues are a common concern for many retailers, with many people feeling the pinch after Christmas and cutting back on spending. Printdesigns is helping stores win back customers through the post-holiday season with a range of eye catching and affordable retail displays.

thumbnail (1)Last year UK retail sales fell 0.3% in January from the previous month while in the US they fell sharper at 0.8%. The start of the year is often slow for many retailers after the immediate sales events. There are certain ways to attract customers and encourage them to spend – but competition is tough.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of Printdesigns said, “To keep consumers spending it’s important to make them feel like they need something they haven’t got. This can be tricky after Christmas when they probably received everything they wanted.”

The first step is to attract the customers into the store in the first place. High street competition is fierce and in January each store will be advertising its lowest prices in the windows. Grab attention with a clever A-board placed outside the store to make people want to browse the shelves. Think about the colours and the design carefully as this can have an impact on buying decisions.

Body banners are also a unique and novelty way of spreading a message. When shops aren’t as busy and there aren’t lots of tasks for staff to do, send them outside to bring people in! A body banner flag really catches attention, and with the help of a few flyers the store will be full with people trying to buy your special offers.

The next trick needs to be applied once people have been persuaded to enter the store. Consumers won’t be spending big at this time of year so it’s the lowest priced items which are more likely to sell. However, lots of small items add up to big profits. Place POS campaigns around the store with eye catching banners to encourage consumers to pick up something extra at the till. The Easy Fold Cardboard Display is a great choice for a retail banner as it is lightweight and great value for money.

Mark added, “Well designed, high quality retail displays have more of an impact than many people realise. They can direct shoppers to a certain part of the store or encourage them to spend more without them realising it. This January you can win back cash strapped customers with the help of our affordable display stands.”