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Why events remain important in 2017

1 As the world is experiencing a technological revolution, there are certain things that have become a novelty memory to some rather than a viable solution. For example, only a select few people still insist on entering the bank to do a money transfer rather than doing so digitally, some will scoff at the thought of buying certain products from the high street and even paying for films, television or music seems like a distant memory to many in the age where streaming and torrenting has revolutionised the entertainment industry. In marketing the ‘novel’, ‘out-dated’ solution may be referred to as the humble trade show, conference or event as marketers thrive over the instant access to thousands of contacts that digital environments can bring them. Call us old-fashioned, but here at Printdesigns we’re huge fans of these face-to-face opportunities and think they are just as important as screen-to-screen interactions, bringing with them many marketing benefits too.

But what are the benefits?

As mentioned previously, events and conferences offer a rare opportunity for physical, face-to-face interaction. Although digital marketing methods can expose your brand to large and untapped audiences, exhibition attendances offers opportunities to meet a unique segment of consumers. Firstly, those attending each trade show are operating in your industry, no matter how niche it may be and they have actively made the journey to the show to discover new businesses, products and solutions. This puts you in a perfect position, meaning that those who approach you at your exhibition stand are already open and willing to interact and form real, personable connections. With the addition of other display stand solutions such as portable furniture, each trade show booth can quickly be turned into an environment for meetings and networking, leveraging this unique opportunity even further. In an age where human interaction is so scarce, being able to harness it whenever possible can go a long way.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We provide high quality pop up stands, roller banners and other display stand solutions for our customers to use when attending trade shows, so it is natural that we champion this method of marketing. However, recent statistics suggest we are not alone in our thoughts. A survey revealed that the largest trade shows are growing faster than the previous year, with 76% of the exhibition organisations questioned noting that they were attracting more visitors.

Even as the world continues to enter a digital age, the most effective marketing strategies are ones that combine the virtual and the physical methods, rather than replace traditional techniques altogether. As you plan your exhibition schedule for 2017, keep your trade show booth looking its best with our range of display stand solutions at Printdesigns.