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How to build trust with your consumers at your next trade show

7 In today’s marketing landscape, reputation is everything and this is a topic that seems to be on the industry’s lips lately, discussed in both The Drum and Marketing Tech News this month. In The Drum’s article ‘Trust is the key to the brand management revolution’, it is stated that offline, organic word of mouth is responsible for up to 200x more sales than online, paid advertisements. In a world filled with constant bombardment of marketing messages, reputation is more important than ever and it is important to build authentic, good relationships with your consumers in order to thrive in 2017.  Trade shows and exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to meet your consumers face to face, forming personal connections and genuine trust that can result in long-lasting loyalty between your customers and your brand. Here’s how to utilise your next trade show attendance and adjust your exhibition stand strategy to build trust with your consumers at your next event.

Keep the conversation two-ways

A prepared and properly briefed sales person manning your exhibition stand may appear intimidating to your customers, giving them their pitch about a product but not actually having a conversation with your customers. Encourage those standing at your stall to keep the dialogue open, listening to the thoughts and needs of your visitors. Not only will this help to build trust and leave a good impression of your company, but it is also a great way to gain invaluable consumer insight to help develop your products or solutions.

Be honest, but knowledgeable

Whether customers knew about your company before they attended the show or if they have just discovered you that day, anyone speaking to representatives based at your trade show booth will expect to learn more about what you can offer them. If they are unable to get the information they need, or if they are told lies or exaggerations, the trust they have in your company will quickly disappear.

Build a professional looking display stand

Today’s consumers are savvy and they are quick to form impressions on a company based on branding and appearance. If your display stand is out of date, dull looking or if the information on your banner stands don’t match your current product or marketing message, visitors are likely to form a bad opinion of your company. (If your display stand solutions are in need of an update, get in touch with a member of our team!)