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Who will man your exhibition stand this year?

1 Many companies will spend a lot of time designing their exhibition stand for any up-coming trade show visit, carefully briefing designers when creating their set of display stands, organising appropriate giveaways to add to their booth and ensuring they have the right portable furniture needed to create an inviting an engaging space. But once the aesthetics of a display stand have been decided, it is important to send the right team to man your exhibition stand in order to realise its full potential.

Businesses are often filled with a diverse workforce, with each employee suitable for different roles – here are some tips to help you choose who the right people to man your exhibition stand in 2017.


Alongside other targets, your exhibition stand’s goal is to encourage peers to approach your representatives, asking for more information about the products and services shown on your display stands. Choosing a member of staff with extensive knowledge about these products and the advantages they can bring to businesses is a key factor in deciding who this representative should be.

Use staff members with relevant expertise to ensure your customers receive the right information, but also strategically send younger employees to learn from them, training them up with the relevant know-how to fulfil this need in the future.

Take experience into account

Manning an exhibition stand requires a unique set of skills that can only be gained through experience. If a colleague has attended many other exhibitions, whether it is on behalf of your company or in a previous role, they are a good choice for your exhibition stand. Again, ‘buddying up’ confident staff with less experienced employees is a quick and effective way to ensure these skills are shared throughout your workforce.

Think of the bigger picture

Ultimately, when deciding whom to send to an exhibition stand it is important to think of the bigger picture. Even if certain employees are experienced and have extensive product knowledge, if these particular people are known to clash when working together then you will not have your most successful team. Choose carefully, taking into consideration personality types and each individual’s ability to work well in a group in order to present the best public image of your company at each trade show.

These are just a few helpful tips from the team at Printdesigns – how do you choose your trade show team? Let us know in the comments below!