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Our display stands in detail: the roller banner

Here at Printdesigns we are experts in display stands, but we understand that not all of our customers are! In our recent series of blog posts we’re going to look at the many display stand solutions we offer at Printdesigns, giving you more details into the product. First up, we look further at the humble roller banner

What is it?

In a nutshell, the roller banner is a type of display stand that ‘rolls’ back into its base using a tensioned mechanism when it is not attached to a pole, holding it upright.

Why is it good?

As it can be assembled quickly and packed away into its base in one simple movement, a roller banner is a great low-fuss option for any fast-paced business. A roller banner can be stored and transported easily, packed into a slim line bag once it has been ‘rolled’ into its base, ready for heading from conference to conference. Due to its simplicity, roller banners are very cost effective, providing a reliable, sturdy graphic at a low price. However, you are usually limited to one single printed side at a standard width of 850mm, although wider options are available.

What are my options?

We have a huge selection of display stands at Printdesigns, stocking a wide variety of roller banner solutions to choose from. Here are our best sellers:

Budget roller banner stand


This is one of our most popular display stands. Priced at just £39.40, they feature a graphic printed at photo quality onto 600gsm PVC, weighing just 4kg for easy transportation. If you need to boost visibility for your brand at a conference, fast, then this is a great option.

Wide impact roller banner stand


Standard 850mm roller banner stands are great for organisations who need a reliable solution that works, even when space is limited. If you have lots of room to play with at a conference, exhibition or meeting then the wide impact roller banner can make a lasting impression. Costing £99, they are approx. 8kg but offer double the visibility.

Quickroll classic roller banners



If budget display stands don’t suit your needs, or if you are looking to invest in a solution that you know will stand the test of time, then the classic roller banners from Quickroll are an excellent choice. Featuring a thick aluminium casing, the graphic is printed onto Opal Jet polyester light blocking film, laminated with a crystal scratch resistant finish.

If you think a roller banner is the right display stand for you, browse our full range online, our give us a call at 01285 818 111.