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What Type of Exhibition Stand Should I Buy?

The marketing for an exhibition is all about creating image and presence. With potentially hundreds and even thousands of people expected to pass through the doors, it is even more important to drive attention to your services and products. Using a selection of exhibition and pop-up display stands is the perfect answer to creating eye-catching material to create the modern, professional image you require.

Printdesigns offer a large range of light to carry, easy to assemble and affordable roller banner stands. Available in an array of varying sizes, Printdesigns offer professional banner stands for a fraction of the cost of custom made ones.  Provide your own artwork or have the design team at Printdesigns design it for you, the cost will be the last thing you will have to worry about.

Twist Banner Stand

Looking for something a little more dynamic than a flat screen, the twist banner stand provides a great alternative. The cleverly designed frame allows the banner stand to pivot and for several stands to be linked together. Perfect for creating corners of curves, the Twist Banner is a great way to liven up the back wall of your display. As versatile as its name suggests, the banner is available in both single and double-sided formats and is the most innovative of all the designs at Print Design.

Stealth Banner Stands

A revolutionary design featuring a new tension method, Stealth Banner Stands are robust frames designed to survive heavy traffic flow. The Flexible Stealth Banner Kit even allows for two stealth banner stands to be linked together by a simple magnetic strip, a great way to create varying back wall solutions for exhibitions.

Budget Roller Banner Stands

On offer at two for £75, roller banner stands are a simple but effective solution for any exhibition, show room or conference. Offering the best value in the UK but without skimping on quality, the roller banner stands are easy to transport and are easy to assemble. If floor space is also an issue, these budget rollers are definite must-have.

Bamboo Banner Stands

In the current economic climate going green is often compromised by budget cuts. Bamboo banner stands, however, are ideal to promote your business environmental policy and perfect for environmental companies without having to compromise on either quality or cost. Sturdy and durable, the bamboo stands are an environmentally friendly option and extremely professional in appearance. Growing in popularity, these banner stands come in three very difference designs: the X banner stand, the Poster Shelf Banner Stand and the most popular of all the Roller Banner Stand.

Outdoor banner stands

Facing the outdoors and unpredictable weather can be rather daunting. Outdoor stands however in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the event.

The new Horizon Banner Stand is the largest of them all. An impressive 2.4m tall and 2.5 wide, the Horizon banner can be used single or double sided, perfect for festivals, concert and large outdoor events.  Built using an aluminum frame with weightable plastic bases, the striking banner stand can still be easily transported and assembled. 

Pop-up Stands

Offering a range of pop-up stands from express pop-up stands to desktop pop-up banner stands and bespoke pop-ups, Printdesigns is proud to be the UK’s leading supplier. From large bold pop-ups to smaller more subtle displays, Printdesigns guarantee to beat any other pop-up stand around the UK while still offering superb quality material quick lead times and creative graphic design.

Marketing material made easy, Printdesigns is a one-stop shop for all your exhibition, show room, meeting and conference material. For further information on the range of exhibition solutions available, please visit