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Get Ready for Summer with Outdoor Displays From Printdesigns

With spring just around the corner and the warmer summer months almost within reach, it’s never too early to start planning outdoor marketing tactics.   While taking advantage of the rays of summer sun is always a much more appetizing prospect than being stuck in a conference hall, outdoor events, meetings and product launches do pose more of a problem in terms of marketing strategy and visibility than a straightforward indoor exhibition. With the weather always being a fairly unpredictable beast, it is often not merely a case of bringing the indoors outside. Catering for temperamental weather conditions, Printdesigns have a selection of outdoor display stands and banner stands at the ready for all needs, purposes and weather conditions.

Outdoor stands are designed for extra durability whatever the weather and can handle the best and worst that Mother Nature has to offer. There is nothing quite so nightmarish as seeing your beautifully designed banner stands fluttering across a beautifully landscaped garden.   To maintain the professional elegance of an indoor stands in the great outdoors, Printdesigns’ specialist outdoor displays are printed using waterproof ink and are fade resistant.

With a plastic base that can be weighted for extra stability, the robust Whirlwind Sightmaster Outdoor A Board offers incredible quality and great value for money. Designed to be durable, the A boards are both practical and professional.  With an attractive weighted base, the Rok Banner Stand is another all-weather solution. Available with a single or double sided panel with bespoke contour cut panels also an option, the Rok is both sleek and modern in design. It can be used indoors or outdoors, so can be recycled for winter events.

Outdoor pop-ups or spring banners are another great solution for a range of outdoor events. Innovative and stylish, the banners can be pegged into the ground to provide extra stability in strong winds. Easy to assemble and transport, the pop-up banners are versatile and available in a range of shapes and sizes.

If standing out in a crowd is the concern, the flying banner is a failsafe choice. Flexible enough to bend in the wind, Printdesigns’ flying banner works with the weather rather than against it. Truly versatile for all conditions, both the feather flags and the modern design of the Teardrop Flags stand loud and proud. Offering a range of base solutions for different types of surfaces and ground conditions, Printdesigns have left nothing behind. 

The Blizzard banner stand is also a popular choice thanks to its proven stability in adverse weather conditions. Offering the same indoors look outside, the weighted base and innovative banner design, the Blizzard boasts adjustable height and width functions with an innovative eyelet system. True to it’s name, it can tough out the worst of winds.  With an option of PVC banner material or mesh material to help disperse wind, the Blizzard can brave wind speeds of 18mph. 

With quick lead times and stunning graphical design options, Printdesigns is a must for both marketing connoisseurs and those new to the field.  With a variety of sturdy, professional outdoor banner stands to choose from, the weather can really be the last thing on your mind. Saving time and money, Printdesigns have combined great value with quality modern design technology suitable to weather out the weather.

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