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Don’t Let the Venue Limit Your Business Potential

Marketing is all about maximsing your business profile, driving your reputation forward and making the most of your marketing material. Launches, exhibitions, trade shows and product fairs are all means to picking up potential customers and establishing possible long lasting business relationships. Standing out from the crowd is therefore an absolute must but keeping your audience interested is even more important. Offering affordable marketing material and a team of graphic designers should your artwork need some assistance, Printdesigns offers easy to assemble versatile roller banner stands and desk top displays.

Having large awe-inspiring presentations that catch the eye is one thing but if the professional presentation ends there, then keeping your potential clients interested and inspired once they reach your stand, will be difficult. Having well-designed and informative marketing material speaks volumes about the professionalism of your company products or services. It is not always what you say but how you say it that really counts.

Do not feel pressured by the space or the venue. Feeling limited by the area you have been assigned for an exhibition or trade fair is to potentially miss out on showing off your potential.  Flexible banner stands offering curves and contours and desktop displays are, however, the perfect way to cleverly maximize your space without compromising on the quality of the material you use.

Printdesigns are all too aware that people judge by appearance. Promoting a business as modern, professional and efficient is all too important in making that first lasting impression a good one. Being flexible and versatile is also key to obtaining good quality products and value for money. Without compromising on either, Printdesigns offer a sizeable range of versatile banner stands and roller banner stands suitable for any occasion.

Linking banner stands can make the most out of any space so feeling confined is never an issue. The Aero Banner Stand offers a set of three linking banner stands that can be configured to any set-up requirement. Promoting environmentally friendly UV printing technology is an added plus to the professional and striking banner stand display the Aero Stand is capable of.

The Twist Banner Stand Flexilink Kit combines both spatial awareness and chic design. Formidable once assembled, light to transport and easy to assemble sounds like the perfect solution.  Available in several height and width options, the Twist Flexilink Kit can be adjusted to produce straight, L-shaped and both convex and concave back walls. Boasting 2x50w halogen low voltage lights, the Twist Banner Stand Flexilink Kit creates ambience while at the same time boasting creative flair.

 An opportunity to provide informative marketing material and make the most of available table top space, the smaller table top display stands range from modern roller banner stands to the unique design of the Angel Desktop Banner Stand or the Beijing Desktop X Banner Stand. Mini versions of the larger back walls, these desktop displays are an effective follow-on from their larger counterparts and are just as sleek and professional. Available in a soft curved design theme, the desktop pop up stands are the most aesthetically pleasing and proffer an inspirational touch to any exhibition.