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Ease the Enormity of Large Scale Exhibitions with Printdesigns

A lot of thought and planning is required for any exhibition or trade show but large-scale events require suitably large-scale planning which can be a mammoth task for the uninitiated. Standing out is the first step to establishing a strong presence and should be right at the top of the list in the planning staged. Making a splash is part and parcel of a good marketing strategy and a major factor in this is devising an exhibition solution that is visible while also meeting strategic goals relating to cost, usability and future suitability.  Specialising in creating exhibition stands with impact, Printdesigns offer a wide range of giant banner stands which make it easy to stand head and shoulders above the competition at any trade show or exhibition.

In exhibitions size does matter and giant banner stands guarantee an easy route to generating maximum attention. Reaching heights of 2000m wide and 21500 mm tall, giant roller banner stands feature all of the regular attributes you’d associate with a traditional small roller banner but are supersized for even more eye-catching appeal. Just as easy to assemble and transport as their smaller versions, giant roller banner stands are designed to be big and bold.

The larger dimensions make for an impressive in structure, with an extremely professional finish and are promise to add a touch of grandeur.  Five star reviews from previous clients confirm that in the case of Printdesigns’ giant roller banner stands bigger is most definitely better.

The Pegasus Banner Stand is just as impressive in statue as the standard giant stand but is designed to support a light-weight dye sublimation printed material, ‘eco stretch’.  Not only is this material durable but it also offers the advantage of being foldable, making for easy transportation and storage.  This fabric also has the added benefit of being machine washable, meaning it can be freshened up after months in storage. It is available in either single or double-sided print.  Extra prints can be provided to offer a change of scenery and the stand can be adapted to suit smaller graphics if needed.

For both indoor and outdoor versatility, the Horizon Banner Stand can also be used with double or single sided prints and is designed with a weighted plastic bases for stability. At 2.4m tall and 2.5m wide, the Horizon boasts hard-wearing PVC and double strength seams, meaning it can withstand moderate winds without the danger of toppling or tearing.

The Monsoon Outdoor A-Framed Banner is eye-catching with a modern, innovative structure and well suited to busy events such as sporting occasions. It offers a sturdy solution to the unknown variables of the outdoors, with an A frame for double-sided display capability. Formed from light-weight aluminium, the frame is easy to put together and offers extension to link several of the A frames together. With the printed material tied to the frame by elastic bungee cords, the Monsoon banner offers the flexibility of having changeable graphics and offers the advantage of being able to flat pack for incredibly easy transportation and storage. Reaching an impressive 1250mm x 3000 mm, the A-frame style would be striking feature for any occasion.

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