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A New Launch for the New Year – Desktop Banner Stand Range Expanded at Printdesigns

Maintaining brand quality is one of the basics of any good company marketing strategy. Extending that brand quality to meetings, conferences and launches however often brings to mind nightmarish thoughts of locating dusty banners and hours with the design team creating smaller desktop signage. For a more professional and efficient approach, Printdesigns have announced an extension to their popular range of desktop banner stands.  Using material that is durable, resistant and extremely sturdy, desktop banner stands are a cost effective alternative to hastily scrawled paper signs and dog eared leaflets or posters at any product launch, fair or conference.

Although small in stature by their nature, there is still a selection of different desktop banner stand styles to choose from including roller, angle, folding and pop up variations. Each stand is approximately the height of an A3 or A4 sheet of paper and all are portable, easily transported and lightweight.

Brand quality marketing is based on the constant reinforcement of a product and service, making re-useable desktop banner stands a simple and subtle way of establishing a strong company presence. This style of desktop display can function alongside floor standing banner stands and other exhibition material but work just as well as at smaller events without the need of additional signage support.

The Angel Desktop Banner Stand is available in both A3 and A4 sizes. As it is incredibly lightweight, it has the added benefit that it can even be posted for distribution. A multi purpose desktop banner, the Angel design is the most versatile and cost effective of all the available stands and boasts a re-usable frame that can be re-used with different printed displays.  

The Beijing Desktop X Banner Stand is a very different structure with a unique, folding X-style frame. Slighter smaller in structure than the other designs, the Beijing model is extremely lightweight and easy to assemble. Lending itself to quick set-ups and perfect for transportation, this efficient, easy-to-use desktop banner stand is ideal for sales promotions and small scale marketing events.

Available in anodised silver for a modern professional look, the Breeze Desktop or Tabletop Roller Banner stand is of A3 size, manufactured on tear-resistant polyester material for extra durability. Similar to the larger roller banner stands, the retractable design is encased in the unit itself until needed which ultimately protects the design against dust or damage. It is a great choice for a professional table-top display.

Last but not least is the Senator Desktop Banner Stand. Slighter larger than its counterparts, the Senator Desktop Banner stand portrays gives an imposing presence without requiring as much space as a traditional banner stand.