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Printdesigns Installs Latex Printer

In a bid to stay one step ahead of their competitors in the world of exhibition and banner stands, Printdesigns are installing a fantastic new Latex printer at their headquarters. The HP Designjet L28500 will be fitted in February and comes with a huge range of benefits for clients of Printdesigns or those looking to buy a banner stand in the near future. Up to 70% faster printing speeds, faster turnaround times and prints that come out completely dry, ready to use or finish, mean that Printdesigns will be able to keep ahead of the game with regards to their orders and ship purchases to clients more efficiently than ever.

The printer uses special HP Latex ink, which requires no special ventilation or hazard warning labels. The prints created by these inks are odourless, and can be printed onto fabrics such as vinyl, fabrics, paper, film and other low-cost uncoated options. Double-sided prints with minimum intervention are now possible with the installation of this printer, massively decreasing the time it will take for orders to be printed and ready to distribute. This will affect the creation of such products as the Quickroll Roller Banner Stand, the most popular banner stand on sale at Printdesigns. The base is compact, yet stable, and the wide footprint makes for an ideal indoor display. The print, of photographic quality, comes on durable blockout material (520gsm) which will now be printed using the fantastic new Latex printer.

Also affected by the installation of the new printer will be the Desktop Roller Banner Stands. These miniature stands are great for enforcing a brand and are generally mass-ordered by clients. The arrival of the HP Latex printer now means that many more of these A4 stands can be created in a shorter space of time. The tear-resistant material the designs are printed onto make the stands perfect for market distribution and the more there are to hand, the more effective the marketing will be.

The Latex printer is also environmentally-conscious; the inks used are eco-solvent, non-flammable and water-based so as not to emit harmful chemicals. Supplies can be returned to HP and recycled, ensuring greater ink efficiency; HP itself is an industry leader and environmental certifications and awards. This is great news for businesses that like to keep an eye on their carbon footprint, and may interest prospective buyers of the eco-friendly Bamboo Banner Stands on offer at Printdesigns. The sturdy and attractive stands are constructed from one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and give a natural, attractive appearance for an authentic, environmentally-friendly look and feel which boosts ‘green’ credentials.