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Things that can go wrong at an exhibition (and how to prepare for them!)

trade show checklist, Although we all wish it was the case, life isn’t perfect. It is full of unpredictable circumstances, beyond our control, that can come up when we least expect them, putting us off balance on wondering what to do next. And in the hectic and fast paced world of trade shows and exhibitions, this is a common occurrence! Don’t worry – while we cannot prevent mishaps from occurring, planning for every scenario possible can help you know how to react when they happen. To help you get ready for your next trade show attendance, here is our list of things that can go wrong at an exhibition (and how to cope when they do!)

Tricky traveling

A lot of businesses will need to attend trade shows and exhibitions overseas in order to interact with their target market successfully. Unfortunately travelling in itself can present lots of potential problems that could get in the way of a smooth running trade show visit. To avoid a logistical night mare, make sure that all of your staff’s passports are in date, and do your research into whether or not there is any documentation you may need to fill in prior to travelling. Finally, make sure that you have all required train, aeroplane or boat tickets that you may need in a safe place, ready to get you to where you need to be on time, and without any hold ups!

Staff shortages

Some exhibitions can run over a period of days, meaning that your members of staff could get confused over when they are needed at the trade show, or may simply not turn up at all. This could be damaging to your overall success, without your expert sales person or specialist technician at your stand to use their skills to help your business grow. Draft up a schedule, and make sure that all of your employees are fully aware of their trade show commitments.

Broken or damaged equipment

Everything from a banner stand to a television screen is important to the success of your exhibition stand, so it is important to make sure that they are in great working order before you set off on your travels to the show. Do a practice run through of assembling your exhibition stand a week or so before the event, so you can determine the working order of all your equipment, with enough time to fix, swap or mend things if they are!

We strive to help all of our clients make every trade show visit a success. If you follow our tips and find that your display stands area damaged or need replacing, we offer a fast turnaround service on all of our custom printed goods.