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The Banner Stand Personality Test, from Exhibition Experts Printdesigns

double-sided banner standWith a huge number of different types of banner stand on the market right now, from roller banner stands to integrated media stands, businesses are spoiled when it comes to choosing the right one for their promotional work. With constraints including space and budget, the type of stand that a business eventually settles on can say a lot about them, their ethos and their goals.

Exhibition stand experts Printdesigns have developed a theory that the banner stand chosen by a business reflects on them to a great extent. Sales Director Mark Thompson says, “Whether businesses opt for giant banner stand with an attention-grabbing message, or a sleek pop-up stand with a sparse and minimalist graphics, every decision says something about the business and the brand. It is important for businesses to think carefully about the message they are conveying before they invest in their crucial exhibition materials.

A business which opts for the basic pop-up banner stand, for example, might come across as a very simple, approachable business providing a reliable, no-frills, no hidden fees service. Straight-forward and straight-talking is the image projected by these types of basic stands, which are very easy to use, in both assembly and deconstruction. The practical nature of these stands belies a hands-on, no-fuss business that will deliver for their clients every time.

A giant banner stand, like the Pegasus banner stand, gives the impression of a business with lofty ambitions and a desire to be noticed. These businesses are not content with standing in the shadows of competitors, and consider themselves to be market leaders in whatever they do. The stands are available up to 2.5 metres wide and 2 metres tall, and use huge graphics specially designed in high-quality for maximum impact. Visitors to these stands should expect big things!

In this day and age, projecting an image of sustainability and eco-consciousness is important, which is why many businesses are resorting to bamboo banner stands. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, and its numerous qualities, including its superior strength and great aesthetic, mean that it is becoming a popular choice for businesses that want to come across as environmentally-friendly. The stands are also supplied with a special textile which complements the stand; rather than the traditional PVC, businesses have the option to buy a lightweight textile that enhances the natural aesthetic of the stand and is of the same high quality as the conventional material used.

Businesses are encouraged to think carefully about their choice in banner stands; they could be giving away more about their ethic than they think.