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Foremost Exhibition Stand Supplier Recommends Festive Strategy Shake-Up

banner stands for exhibitionsExhibition stand supplier Printdesigns are warning exhibitors to tread the fine line between traditional marketing strategy and thinking outside the box this Christmas, in an effort to gain more customers without alienating others. The experts in supplying promotional materials for exhibitions are encouraging businesses to spice up their marketing plans by making their message, and their stand, visible.

Of all the times to make an impact on a crowd at an exhibition, the best is surely in the run up to Christmas, when people are most eager and likely to part with their money and try something new. But how do you break away from the marketing mould and make a bold move at such a crucial time, when any deviation from the traditional strategy could backfire when you should be making the most sales.

Ironically, many visitors to exhibitions can cite the reason they did not engage with a certain brand is that they did not think outside of the box or dare to be different; sticking to a tried and testing formula can be just as problematic as attempting to stand out too much. So where does the line lie?

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns, which supplies pop-up banner stands and other promotional materials to businesses heading to trade shows and exhibitions, says, “When attempting to direct traffic to your stand at a crowded exhibition or trade show, it is best not to resort to gimmicks, or think too far outside the box. Get to know your audience, and try to understand what it is they are looking for in a stand; do they want trustworthiness, an approachable staff member and sophisticated looking promotional materials or do they want to be enveloped in a strong sense of brand? When planning this year’s festive strategy, consider your audience’s needs and design your display accordingly.

When it comes to choosing your roller banner stand for such an occasion, avoid overloading clients with a mass of information on your chosen graphic. Banner stands are not there to overwhelm or lecture clients, they exist to announce, inform, attract guests and make them interested in the brand. Businesses don’t need to splash every piece of information on their banner stand, just enough to intrigue passers-by and ensure they want to learn more.  Clean lines, simple, attention-grabbing design, three or four basic points and a maximum of a three-colour palette should help the graphics to appear stylish and informative rather than messy and busy.

Train your staff in not hard selling; nobody wants to be accosted by a pushy marketer when they are trying to track down unique gifts for Christmas or new products to add to their business in 2014. Also attempt to ensure that all graphics and banner stands reflect the company’s stance; if your staff are being helpful and informative, their efforts can go to waste if the promotional materials are pushy and overbearing. These tips should make for a successful Christmas season, spicing up the festive strategy without putting your neck on the line.