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Dye Sublimation Printed Airmesh Banners and Flags Now Available

Airmesh Poly is growing in popularity due to its wide variations of applications. It was originally used as a beach flag material in the Mediterranean as it was a cheaper method of producing flags as no hemming was required and gave good strength on windy coasts. Also, it has been used extensively for street barriers, this was hugely evident at the 2012 London Olympics, where it was used to decorate the streets of London and guide the millions of visitors to their destination

However, more recently it is being used as an alternative to flag material. In countries like Estonia, increased wind speeds along the coastline have taken their toll on standard flags. The make-up of Airmesh allows more air to pass through the fabric, extending the lifetime of the flags. Airmesh has also been the saving grace for some of the residents in Dublin. Traditional flags were flown at a well know local car dealership, but the residents complained about the noise they made at night. The flags have been replaced with flags made from Airmesh because they did not need to be hemmed the replacement flags produced virtually no noise, making a happy end for sleepless nights. In areas of development and construction, Airmesh is now being used for building site wraps. Obscuring unsightly areas with a multitude of designs.

Airmesh is produced from 100% Polyester and is available in a range of widths for printing on our dye sublimation printing system.

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