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Cheap Flexestand Displays

I received a call today from a customer requesting a comparative quotation on some Flexestand displays. On further investigation, I found that Flexestand displays were actually Twist Banner Stands that had been re-named and were on sale from a company called CLS Displays.

Frequently, many suppliers re-brand well known portable exhibition systems in order to market the product or to create a more individual company product. For a comparative quote on the Flexestand, you can visit the Twist Banner Stand section on our website or call for more information.

Twist Banner Stands are linkable tensioned banners. Multiple stands can be joined together side by side in order to form larger display backwalls. In addition to joining straight Flexestands together (Twist Banners), it is also possible to link them using flexible (Flexilink) sections. These bend-able sections allow several panels to be linked together with curves in between and so allow several stands to be formed into more complex shapes.

By combining several Flexestands with hinged linking panels it is possible to design arrangements of stands to fill almost any space.

If you are considering the purchase of Flexestands / Twist Banner Stands then we also strongly consider looking at the new Expand Linkwall system. The Expand Linkwall works in a very similar way to the Flexestand / Twist Banner Stand but incorporates a space-saving base design that makes it lighter and more convenient for transportation. The new Expand Linkwall features a patented design and Swedish styling in common with other systems from Expand.

For a comparative quote on Flexestand Displays, why not email your requirements to

We guarantee to beat any quotation on display stands and printed graphics of equivalent quality.