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New Banner Stands added to the Printdesigns website

New Banner Stands

New Banner Stands

Printdesigns are one of the largest suppliers of banner stands in the UK. Our range of banner stands is always growing as we continue to discover and add new products to our website.

This Month we have introduced several new models as follows:-


Giant Mosquito Banner Stands: These are extra tall versions of the all-popular Mosquito banner stand manufactured by Ultima Displays. The giant Mosquito features an extra tall support pole that enables this stand to tower up to a huge 3 Metres tall. producing extra tall banner stands is something we have been doing for years here at Printdesigns but normally it is achieved by supplying additional loose pole sections that can be used to extend the standard heigh pole that is generally around 2 Metres. With the Giant Mosquito you have the convenience of a pole that is telescopic thus giving greater flexibility of the final assembled height.

Merlin Banner Stands: These are an economy, replaceable cassette banner stand once again from Ultima Displays. The Merlin banner stand actually features the same replaceable cassette as our own Rollbat banner stand and so customers can interchange graphics between these units. It is also worth pointing out that due to the fact that Printdesigns bulk-buy direct from the manufacturer of the stand rather than purchasing through a distributor, we can supply new printed cassettes for the Merlin or Rollbat banner stands at far lower cost than any other suppliers.

Arc Banner Stands: The Arc uses a beautifully designed base to give the product a unique and contemporary look and feel. This stand is ideally suited for use with some of our dye sublimation fabric printed banners that will serve to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product. We can also supply the stand with conventional graphics printed onto our popular blockout PVC or polyester film too.

Shanghai Banner Stands: These are a cost effective, tensioned rod banner unit. A simple design involves a header and footer rail that is attached to the rear of the printed graphic panel, a support foot at the base and a lightweight tensioned support pole that fits at the rear. With the popularity of roller banners, sometimes people do not consider these lightweight and effective tensioned banners when in fact when combined with fabric graphics, they are the most portable of all types of banner stands.

If you have any queries about banner stands or want to view our range then please feel free to come in and visit our showroom. We have lots of stands available to view here and we will be happy to make you a cup of tea or coffee and give you a tour of our factory where you can see our production facilities.