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Desktop free standing display stand. Alternative to conventional strut cards

A4 free standing desktop display poster

A4 free standing desktop display poster







Many of our customers who run events and exhibitions have a requirement for simple, desktop display signage or signage for product point of sale marketing.

One customer had a requirement for some simple, free standing A4 and A3 size desktop signs and wanted to get away from using acrylic holders that were too bulky to transport and too easy to break and so we came up with this design.

This simple free standing desktop display sign is made from 5mm thick Foamex PVC . The contour cut legs simply push-fit onto the printed panel thus allowing it to stand perfectly straight.

Conventional options available to exhibitors so far involved either desktop roller banner stands which were relatively expensive and strut cards that tend to lean backwards due to the design of the supporting foot. Another problem with such conventional point of sale strut cards is that they can be printed on only one side whereas this design can be printed either single or double sided.

In additional to making conventional rectangular shaped desktop stands like the one shown here, we can also contour cut the outside shape of the panel to almost any design the customer requires. The only restriction being that the bottom of the panel is flat so to allow it to free-stand correctly.

These free standing desktop signs are supplied flat packed but push-fit together in a matter of seconds. Being made from PVC board rather than paper, they can be pulled apart, transported and re-used many times thus making them a more economical long term option when compared to ‘throw away’ strut cards.

We are always coming up with new products and solutions for our customers and although this is a simple example, it was surprising that such a simple solution was not already available. If you have a requirement for a display stand of some kind then why not call and perhaps we can create something for you too!