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Shell Clad Panels for Exhibition Shell Schemes

Magiclad Panels and Shell Clad Adapters are the perfect way for decorating your exhibition shell scheme

Magiclad Panels and Shell Clad Adapters are the perfect way for decorating your exhibition shell scheme




“Thank you all so much for your help and prompt creation/ delivery of our promotional materials for last week’s event.

 We couldn’t have done it without you as the products you created for us played a crucial part of our display!

 We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

 The I-View London team


Getting good feedback from happy customers is always nice.

When i-View London contacted us in June 2013, we were informed that they had an event booked and were being provided with a 5M wide Octanorm shell scheme.

Rather than decorate the shell scheme using traditional posters that would be separated by the upright posts of the stand, i-View preferred a solution whereby the graphics could be placed edge-to-edge in order to produce a large, mural type wall.

As a dealer for Shell-Clad, Printdesigns recommended a series of panels that were printed onto a heavyweight polyester film and then backed up with Magic-Clad which is a 4mm thick fluted backing designed to give rollable exhibition graphics greater rigidity thus allowing them to sit flat.

Panels were supplied with a series of Shell-Clad exhibition clips that interfaced with the Octanorm shell scheme posts, thus allowing the rollable Shell-Clad panels to hang onto the stand edge to edge.

The customer was very happy with the final result and hung the panels themselves in a short space of time with no expensive set up costs. Furthermore the panels can be rolled up, stored and re-used in the future thus providing long-term savings when compared to purchasing ‘throw away’ display panels.

One of the greatest challenges with the project was ensuring that the artwork which was based on a London tube map, tiled together accurately with no mis-alignment. Fortunately as a Zund G3 flatbed digital cutter was used to trim the graphic panels, the alignment of the finished product was perfect.

Shell Clad adapters and Magi-Clad graphics are an ideal way of displaying graphics on popular exhibition shell schemes. Printdesigns have a wealth of experience in producing graphics for most shell schemes and can provide obligation free advice on the correct type of shell clad adapters needed to hang the panels and also the correct artwork set up sizes for the panels themselves.

For more information on Shell Clad or to discuss graphic options for your exhibition shell scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can help.

The Printdesigns Team.