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Be Prepared for a Typical British Summer with Outdoor Banner Stands


Wimbledon has commenced, the sun has started to appear across parts of the country and the seventh month of the year is upon us; these signs foreshadow a surge in the number of outdoor events that will be taking place within the coming weeks. Outdoor events require more specialist equipment than many indoor events; they not only display printed graphics to draw in the crowds, they also need to be able to withstand potentially adverse weather conditions. The UK is notorious for having unpredictable weather, with wet summers and the potential for wind at all times, so for many organisations planning to attend outdoor events this year, it is imperative to be prepared.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of exhibition display stand experts Printdesigns, says, “Getting prepared for outdoor events is simple with the right tools. Outdoor exhibition stands, flags, boards and frames are must-haves for any organisation hoping to take their display outdoors, and it does not take much to get a display up to the standard needed to exhibit outside.”

The Monsoon banner stand is an A-frame banner stand which is sturdy and balanced enough to withstand the winds and rain Britain is often plagued with. Made from lightweight aluminium, the stand can be used at a great number of outdoor events, from summer fairs to golfing days. The banner stands come complete with a full-colour graphic printed onto durable PVC with latex or UV-cured ink, which will last for years without fading or looking dull after withstanding a few showers. Double-strength eyelets, a strong and sturdy A-frame and a flat-pack storage option make the Monsoon banner stand the ideal choice to make an impact at a summer event.

With a name like the ‘Blizzard’ banner stand, one of the most popular outdoor banner stands available is surely going to foster plenty of confidence in those who want a stand to battle all weather conditions. The hollow base can be filled with sand or water to weigh the stand down in windy conditions, and depending on the material used for the included graphic, can withstand gusts of up to 18mph; PVC-printed graphics can withstand up to 10mph, whilst mesh can be used in more adverse conditions. Perfect for point-of-sale, retail or exhibition environments, the Blizzard banner stand will also come in handy later in the exhibition season when the events move indoors and every display stand must play its part.