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Printdesigns Adds Revolutionary Stand System to Collection

Curvorama Aero Kit

Exhibition experts Printdesigns have added a revolutionary new type of stand to their extensive range, for businesses which need a portable, durable and complete banner stand display system for upcoming events. The Curvorama is an attractive, imposing and high-quality exhibition display kit which has numerous capabilities; it can be used either in a free-stand space or can be hung within the majority of the most prevalent exhibition shell schemes. The separate banners within the kit are quickly linked and easily assembled, and their portable yet durable design makes them an ideal solution for the coming exhibition season.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns, says, “Curvorama is a great solution for all organisations which need a large banner stand solution for their upcoming events. Their imposing size and gently curving construction is innovative and original, whilst their durability and robust construction makes them just as hard-wearing as the regular banner stands on the market.”

Conventionally, linking banner stands used magnetic tape to pull panels together. This often caused gaps and was an inaccurate way to create a seamless, high-quality exhibition display. The overall effect is an unprofessional and lacklustre display with gaps and holes. The Curvorama stands are constructed differently; they have an exacting amount of bleed between the graphics so that each panel overlaps and provides a seamless display without the use of unreliable magnetic components and complicated installation. This creates a more high-end feel to the whole display, and even with the curving effect, the stands will maintain a connected and complete appearance.

The graphics used on Curvorama stands are printed using state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, to ensure the highest of standards across the entire display. A computer-controlled Zund G3 cutting machine is used to cut the panels for an accurate and near finish. The vibrant colours and high-definition graphics are eye-catching and have great visual impact on passing visitors and attendees at events.

For such a large stand, the Curvorama display is also surprisingly light and portable. Made from lightweight plastic and composite components, there are no heavy plastic cases or aluminium parts to wheel around on the exhibition trail; this makes them ideal for those travelling the country to attend high-profile events. The whole kit is also highly durable, meaning it will be able to withstand the strains of constantly being in transit between events across the country.

A number of accessories are also available with the Curvorama kit, including lighting accessories, a lightweight carry bag and legs and feet which allow the stand to be free-standing rather than affixed to a wall or a shell scheme.