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Prepare Your Display Stands With These Trade Show Stats

The Aero Banner Stand uses upside-down roller banners so the graphics pull-down from top to bottom!

Did you know that if a brand logo can be read from 15 feet away, consumers are more likely to remember the logo? How about the fact that 80% of exhibition attendees are influential on decision-making processes? Statistics and numbers cannot be argued with, and when preparing display stands for exhibition season, it is important to soak up as many facts and figures as possible regarding previous trade shows and the industry in general. Figures collated from research across the world has turned out a number of fascinating statistics about exhibitions and trade shows that will be crucial in the planning and coordination of exhibition stand design, what equipment should be purchased, and which markets to target in the upcoming show.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of display stand experts Printdesigns says, “When planning how best to exhibit at a trade show, it is crucial to examine the trends and statistics of recent trade shows to see where the market is moving and what techniques are most effective. From investing in certain exhibition stands, to designing the right graphics for the show, statistics can help with some of the most important decisions a marketing department will make about their exhibition strategy.”

The average trade show visitor attends three events per year, and spends an average of three hours at each show. Whilst there, they visit between twenty-five and thirty exhibitors, meaning that each company has between five and fifteen minutes to make a truly lasting impression on their visitors. This is a relatively small amount of time for a visitor to find out about a business, so it is crucial to make sure that the exhibition stand has an impact. It is also advised to have informative pamphlets or leaflets that visitors can take away with them for supplementary reading after they leave.

13% of companies would choose a trade show to launch a new product or service; with hundreds of exhibitors at each event, the chances are that there will be someone launching something at every trade show. For those who do decide that a trade show is the perfect venue for a launch, there is likely to be strong competition, and this should be reflected in the effort which goes into preparing the stands and the graphics. The message must be clear, there should be a free sample or a discount offer to draw in the crowds, and staff need to be on their game to bring in the sign-ups or e-mail address which will trigger follow-ups.

On the subject of follow-ups, it costs 22% less to contact a potential buyer at a trade show than it does through the traditional sales calls. This makes trade shows the perfect place to make contact with that all-important audience who are interested in the product or service and looking to buy. People don’t go to exhibitions unless they are considering making a purchase, so ensure the entire display stand is at its most convincing at all times.