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Trying to break away from the marketing mould is difficult. It’s a common dilemma; doing something bold, while showing initiative could backfire and get more criticism than compliments. Likewise, simply following everyone else doesn’t necessarily succeed in getting you noticed. What’s more, repeating tried and tested marketing strategies without daring to be different means getting the same results or worse, being left behind by more daring competitors. This is certainly the case at exhibitions, where competition is intense and delegates have a huge choice of stands to visit in a confined space. Those who don’t make their messages visible will more often than not be the ones sporting empty stands free of visitors.

Mark Thompson from exhibition stand experts Printdesigns said “Leading the way and directing traffic in your direction is not about gimmicks, it is about understanding your audience and finding a way to communicate your products, services and offers clearly without blending into the background. Your choice of exhibition stand will determine your success at a conference or trade show by not only defining the limits of your presence at the show but also, in determining what accessories and methods you can use to attract attention.”

Whether you choose a twist banner stand, a roller banner, a shell clad or a digital display stand, make sure you’re making the most of your space by following these tips;

Go minimalist: Avoid overloading your potential clients with too much information. Banner stands are there to announce and inform, not lecture or overwhelm. With today’s cyber based world, any traffic generated from banner stands will go straight to the company webpage for further information should they require it.  Marketing is therefore more about image and design than it is about information. It involves looking for emerging trends in order to be at the front of the market and the minimalist approach is visually appealing and widely accepted. Keep to clean lines and innovative design. Choose a 2 or 3 colour based colour scheme in order for the graphics to appear stylish rather than a busy wash of colour.

Use your graphics to your advantage: With the minimalist approach to marketing, use the space on display stands to expand on graphics, logos and tag lines.  With the increasing popularity of Internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, people love pictures. Pictures or photographs are attractive and can speak volumes about company products and services. There does not have to be much room made for any information, simply ensure that key social media icons are displayed and all company contact information. Studies have shown that it only takes 5 seconds to make a visual impact, so make every second count.

Do not hard sell: Delegates do not like pushy marketing, especially in the current economy where priority is to keep costs low but quality high. Ensure that all graphic design and roller banner stands live up to the expectations they set and are a reflection of company professionalism. It is all very well having a professional appearance if customer service skills let the side down. Unfortunately negative reputation can spread even faster than a good one can.

Take advantage of technology: Using modern marketing technology such as lightboxes or illuminated graphic pods, gives a good impression that the company is financially stable. Keeping in touch with the changing times of modern technology appeals particularly to young working professionals so do not limit your potential audience. Use the technology available at your fingertips to set professional standards high in order to emulate company policy, products and services.