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New Bannermate Rollbat Replaceable Cassette Banner Stand Launched

Bannermate Rollbat Banner Stand

Bannermate Rollbat Banner Stand

Replaceable cassette banner stands are nothing new, in fact manufacturers such as Expand and Ultima Displays have been supplying them for many years. The premise is very simple; the customer can purchase a banner stand and can then update the graphic on the system quickly and easily by purchasing additional rollers (complete with graphics) as and when required.

Sounds like a great idea, so why isn’t everyone purchasing replaceable cassette banners rather than the cheap budget/economy systems that are flooding the market these days?

The answer is quite simple. With all existing roller banner stands, the cost of the new cassette can be incredibly high. In-fact, the cost of a replacement cassette for a roller banner like the popular Imagine Banner Stand can be several times the price of a typical budget/economy system from many suppliers. It makes the entire principle of the replaceable cassette banner completely pointless!

It is an unfortunate reality that many suppliers of such systems do not make customers aware of on-going replacement print and cassette costs up-front and that means that customers end up saddled with a roller banner stand system which can cost more to maintain/update than compared to just purchasing ‘throw-away’ units.

Of course, there are many benefits in purchasing a replaceable cassette banner stand when compared to cheap units other than the ability to replace prints as and when required and these include:-

  • Stands have a higher level of finish and look more professional
  • Replaceable cassette banner stands are generally heavier and more stable than economy counterparts
  • Stands are more robust and will therefore last for many years
Removing Cassette from Bannermate Rollbat Base

Removing Cassette from Bannermate Rollbat Base

We have spent many years searching for a replaceable cassette roller banner stand which ticks all the boxes (high quality, robust, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective to buy and update) and now we have a solution.

Printdesigns have now teamed with Bannermate who have designed and developed a brand new replaceable cassette unit called the Rollbat banner stand.

The Bannermate Rollbat really is a beautifully designed system and unlike any other roller banner we have seen to date (and we have seen plenty). The stand roller removes in seconds and is very cost effective to replace making it a realistic alternative to the cheap, fold out foot economy and budget banner stands that saturate the market currently.

We are offering the Bannermate Rollbat with printing for £135 plus vat with a guaranteed cost for replacement graphics never to exceed £50 plus vat for 2 years after the purchase of the product!

We are keen to promote the new Bannermate Rollbat stands for our trade and agency customers as a truly new product and as such we are offering a trade only discounted price of £99 plus vat including printing for the first demo unit for orders placed by 31st November 2012.

The Bannermate Rollbat offers a great opportunities for our trade customers to offer something unique, new and innovative to customers rather than stands that are available from multiple suppliers.

For more information, please visit the product page on our website or call us on 01785 224055

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