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Business Exhibitions Need To Be Simple But Smart Advise Banner Stands Specialists

In a recent article, the curator of the Biennial Interior Design Exhibition in Belgium divulged his opinion that exhibitions overall “need to provide a better experience to visitors”. He continued to point out that despite the popularity of tradeshows for both exhibitors and visitors, they are often large, crowded and lacking in artistic inspiration. “I sometimes get a bit frustrated coming back from Milan and feeling that even though I travelled a lot, I missed a lot,” he explained to Dezeen’s reporter.

Often when people arrive at tradeshows they find it difficult to locate exactly what they are looking for or simply aren’t inspired by what they see. People judge by appearance and if your exhibition stand appears disorganized, sports a presentation that lacks luster and employees that aren’t on the ball, it’s very easy to lose the chance to connect with a potential new client.

To stand out at your next exhibition, try following these simple tips:

  1. Keep Your Work Space      Tidy:  Being organized is of paramount      importance to the effectiveness of business stand at any exhibition or      tradeshow. With two or more colleagues moving around in a tight space, it      is easy for paperwork to get misplaced, knocked off and the stand to      appear disorganized.  Keep counter      tops clear and use leaflet holders and desktop      display stands to keep brochures and other promotional literature      confined but visible. The last thing a visitor needs is to arrive at your      stand and not be able to come away with the information they want.
  2. More Is Not More: Don’t overcrowd your      assigned space with information and never encroach on the exhibitor next      door. Be careful with the placement of roller banner stands      and keep pathways to and from the stand as clear as possible.
  3. Weigh your stand down: Choose weighted      banner stands for extra sturdiness especially where a lot of people      traffic is to be expected.  Use      banner stands with a solid base structure rather than legs that visitors      can easily trip over.
  4. Use Space effectively: with tight spaces it      is essential to be smart with your brand materials. Make the most out of      the space with flexible or twist style pop-up banner stands      that can be moved into any position. Remember that while ground space may      be limited, there is nothing to stop you building height with giant roller      banner stands and height won’t fail to get you noticed.
  5. Consolidate your      promotion material: invest in a modern and professional LED digital display stand that      can be continually showing a short video or scrolling through a product      loop. For business holding small demonstrations and seminars, fabric      banner stands make for the best choice, allowing for easily      interchangeable product displays.
  6. Be creative: use the banner stand to      define your exhibition space. Using banners that link together such as the      Linx      exhibition stands will give unusual structural design possibilities to      really catch the eye of delegates.
  7. Lighting: choose your lighting      carefully to enhance the information on your pop-up banners.  Additional lighting fixtures are cheap      to purchase and easy to fix to the banner stand. Use lighting as a design      feature to create visual directionality and focus rather than to simply      illuminate and strategically place it to generate maximum effect. While      flood lighting creates a subtle wall wash subtle effect, spot lighting      creates focus.
  8. Environmental Ethics: Promote your      environmentally friendly office ethics with bamboo banner stands. Durable,      attractive and hardwearing, the bamboo banner stands are just as an      effective method of promoting business products and are environmentally      effective as other ranges of pop-up displays.
  9. Use eye catching      graphic design: people are naturally drawn to colours and striking designs that      promote update, professional business. Break the company out of its      comfort zone and be creative with how you use your company logo or      background to your brand name and if in doubt Print Design’s own graphic      design team is at the ready.
  10. Keep it simple: don’t overload your      pop-up display with tons of information. Reading material can be on your      stand in the forms of flyers, business cards and brochures. Visitors at      exhibitions don’t want to be standing around reading, they want to come      in, pick up the material they are after, ask a few questions and leave.      There is therefore only a short time frame in which to make a great first      impression.