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Printdesigns Demonstrate How To Achieve Marketing Pizzazz For 2013

The New Year is always a time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Not only does this feel good but it looks good and keeps companies at the front end of marketing technology rather than heading up the rear.  Marketing is a constantly evolving industry and it is important to keep up with the changes. Offering a range of discounts and great deals on a variety of modern design banner stands, Printdesigns suggests companies get ready for a busy first quarter in 2013.

The New Year, in particular, the 1st quarter, always sees an increase of tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences and meetings.  Following a lull over Christmas, clients are ready to invest with renewed interest and companies looking to freshen up their marketing tactics ready to expand their audience and dive into new marketing campaigns.

Printdesigns advises companies to take advantage of the new budget and fresh beginnings a New Year offers in order to really get to grips with a vivacious marketing strategy. In this current day and age, marketing campaigns need to be visual and vibrant. It is a company’s equivalent of a display cabinet but one where quality of products, customer service ethics and overall professionalism area all on show.

Old, outdated marketing does not favour any of the aforementioned criteria.  “When you think about the age of the age of the average business man or woman” comments Mark Thompson owner of exhibition experts, Printdesigns, “they are more likely than not, to be in their late 20s to mid 30s or early 40s. They are in the midst of technological development. It is in everything they do and everything they use so it makes sense that it appeals to them. Like attracts like and these young men and women are on the very front line of these modern advances. They are the ones who use them and gain most benefit”.

People are most attracted to businesses with an outgoing modern approach. Appearance is everything and companies need to ensure that they outwardly offer quality as well as value for money. Not matter how cheap something may seem to cost, people will not invest time and money in something that is drab and lacks appeal. While they want their money to go further than it did before, they will still stay clear of company products or services that do not visually promise to meet and kind of expectations.

Marketing material needs to strike a resonant chord with a world that is consistently on the look out for new things.  Businesses therefore need to be ready to review and adapt their marketing material for the New Year should they wish to widen their audience. “We are constantly updating our products to fit with trending marketing practices” comments Mark, who has seen increased interest in giant roller banner stands, modern display stands such as express pop-up counters and digital exhibition displays.

“It is not just about what the competitor is using, it is how you use a product and the information you display” Mark continues. “Everywhere we turn we are looking at convenience and efficiency, hence the unprecedented success of the iPad and other similar gadgets. People don’t like to be overwhelmed with too much information or graphics that are too complicated. Go for something simple but striking that conveys an elegant message and then use a series of lighting accessories to make it stand out”.