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Printdesigns Exhibition Guide: How To Choose Your Exhibition Stand

Choosing the right kind of exhibition or tradeshow material can go a long way in enhancing your position among other exhibitors rather than getting lost amongst the crowd, and Printdesigns have some handy tips with which to choose your banner stand and use your space more effectively.

Shape:  The choice of your exhibition stand will be decided largely upon two things: placing and graphic design. If the banner is to flank either side of your exhibit or pop-up counter, then it shouldn’t be too big or cumbersome. This is of course to help guide people towards you. These types of roller banner stands should therefore be a vertical, rectangular shape.  The ‘feet’ or base stand should not stick out too far and they should be study enough to stand up in heavy people traffic and in a light breeze, should you be positioned near a doorway. Outside exhibition roller banners of course need additional weighted bases and should be of a weather-wearing material.

Brand Name and Logo: Both of these affect the type of marketing material you should purchase. Long brand names may look too compacted on a regular rectangular roller banner and turning the direction of the wording to read downwards is not always easy to read. The way round this is to either use a shortened version of the company name if you can, initials or just the logo/icon or other associated company image. This will allow for easy reading and quick acknowledgement of brand from passer-bys. Left over space can be used for abstract graphics, key business information or promotion of products and/or services but be careful not to cram in too much. The full company name and tag line can go on a larger back panel such as a Giant Banner Stand, the extra sturdy Cross Braced Pop Up Stands, great for large exhibitions or the versatile and economic Twist Curve Display System. Having a bespoke pop up display stand that can be adjusted to suit any given space, makes for easy backdrop changes between one tradeshow and the next.

Nature of your Business: If you want to create a space where visitors can come and discuss their business needs with your experts, you would perhaps want to think about creating a more enclosed space where you can limit the noise of the exhibition and discuss business in private. The structural concepts of the Linx Exhibition stands, for example, offer endless display designs. Product launches, travel companies and other business with a wide range of services to offer may also benefit from investing in one or more pop up stands with a screen. Everyone loves pictures so why not upgrade your marketing material to a video real and cut down on hand-held printed literature.

Leaflet Displays and Brochures: Rather than having these dotted around on tables, a pop-up counter creates a great ‘reception’ area where all literature can be kept together. Space can be further organised with leaflet holders and small desktop displays if needs be. Pop-up counters also offer storage space around the back so unsightly boxes can be easily accessed but still be hidden from view.

Budget: Your choices will naturally be dictated by your budget but however tight you feel the purse strings to be, Printdesigns offer a vast range of affordable elegant banner stands and banner stand accessories to suit all financial conditions. Check out all options and always keep a look out for special offers such as the Express Complete Pop Up Kit that comes with lighting, pop-up counter and a counter conversion kit or an Exhibition Display Bundle.

Modern: Keeping up with the times is always important. If you feel you need a little something extra there are plenty of lighting options and ultra modern displays such as Illuminated Graphic Pods and Lightboxes.

If in doubt, the qualified design team at Printdesigns are also more than happy to discuss exhibition requirements with you without any obligation of purchase.