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Printdesigns Offer Great Bundle Deals, As ¾ of Attendees Label Exhibitions ‘Best Form of Marketing’

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Printdesigns, the leading exhibition stand supplier, has extended its assistance to local and national businesses, after new figures reveal that 74% of exhibition and event attendees believe it’s the most effective form of marketing.

The research from The Dentistry Show found that attendants prefer exhibitions because they can interact directly with businesses and conveniently compare their findings with other companies exhibiting. After shows, there is also a ‘subconscious uplift in positive feelings for one in five people’ – a great indicator that exhibitions are ideal for marketing products.

The promising new figures reveal the untapped potential of efficient exhibitions, fairs, festivals and trade shows – and Printdesigns is here to help businesses mine that potential with their range of banner stands and display materials. The reach of such huge marketing events requires businesses to make the most of their marketing materials in order to optimise their earnings on the day.

Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns, says, “Three quarters of those who attend exhibitions have said they believe they’re the best form of marketing, and we want to help that huge majority to really hone their marketing schemes and ideas with our fantastic array of products. At exhibitions and trade shows, you want to stand out and catch the eye, as well as having the space to portray your ideas and get a sense of branding across. All of our banner stands and printed materials have been created to have that exact effect, giving businesses the best chance of having a successful, enjoyable exhibition.”

Although marketers agree that the central focus should be the exhibition stand, the general consensus is that stands need to be affordable. Printdesigns ensure that high-quality, visually pleasing stands are available at convenient and affordable costs. Renowned for boasting the best value stands on the UK market, Printdesigns have crafted bundle deals and budget stands at extremely reasonable prices.

The crowning glory of the Printdesigns range is their long-running deal on two Budget Roller Banner Stands, priced at £75 which can easily be transported to exhibitions and can be assembled in 30 seconds. The stands are practical and hardwearing, making them perfect for pop-up shows and last-minute events. They’ll showcase promotional materials perfectly, and provide the ideal backdrop for all of your sales patter and interaction with potential clients.

Printdesigns offer a range of competitively priced high-quality stands including outdoor displays, ideal for fairs, digital displays and light boxes and illuminated graphic pods to really grab attention and an exciting range of exhibition bundle deals. Their combination of high-quality items with affordability and their longevity in the industry makes them the nation’s go-to brand for exhibition stands and promotional materials.