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Events for Exhibitors

Exciting upcoming events vow to help exhibitors get the most bang for their buck 

Exhibiting is a powerful way for businesses to garner attention and get themselves out there, bringing their brand to the world, but it’s unfortunately not as simple as merely turning up with a product and a display stand.

It’s important for businesses and exhibitors considering attending an exhibition to understand the importance of acquiring specific skills that improve and maximise the overall exhibition experience. There are a wide range of upcoming events designed especially with exhibitors in mind, each with a focus on helping attendees deliver the kind of exhibition that will not be forgotten and ensure that both time and money are well spent.

The 4th September heralds the beginning of the Inaugural Exhibitor Masterclass at the NEC. The function is the brainchild of a collaborative effort between social media platform FaceTime and the Global Experience Specialists. The featured exhibition focuses on the disciplines of digital, data, human behaviour, sensory marketing and sales psychology in order to emphasise the important of reaching potential new clients in a myriad of exciting and refreshing new ways.  The event will help exhibitors develop a new understanding of how to operate in order to attract customers and clients at expos and events.

Alternatively, there is the Event Marketing Summit which kicks off on the 3rd October 2014 and is more focused on the planning and organising of marketing events and exhibitions.  Appealing to conference, exhibitions and awards associations organisers, this function provides a platform whereby people are able to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented to those who wish to exhibit with a view to looking at strategies to ensure things run smoothly.

A range of stellar speakers will be present offering their advice and expertise, including keynote speakers Mina Booth, Head of Marketing at Fresh Montgomery, Marketing Manager at UBM Georgie Sloggett, and David Langrish, Global Head of Brand Marketing at i2i Events.

This particular event is already proving to be popular with various prolific senior marketing leaders from esteemed companies such as UBM, i2iEvents and Informa set to attend.

Both of these informative events are invaluable opportunities if you wish to optimise your exhibition experience and make it work for your business.  To get ahead in the competitive exhibition market, these events will be a priceless experience and point companies in the right direction.  As the power of face-to-face marketing is more widely recognised in a growing digital age, hopefully we will see more conferences and events such as these to help exhibiting businesses.